Saturday, 9 February 2019

Are You Tired of the Blues?

I hope not because here come some more.

Aunt Dinah - 29 pieces - September 4, 2016

Necktie - 6 pieces - Sept 5

Gentleman's Fancy - 25 pieces - Sept 6

Four Corners -  32 pieces - Sept 7

Indian - 21 pieces - Sept 8. This one needs a new name, more politically correct. Can we call it First Nation?

Flagstone - 44 pieces - Sept 9. Now, those are very small pieces.

Belle's Favorite - 14 pieces - Sept 10.   I like this one. It's not as hard as it looks as there are no Y-seams.
It took 171 pieces to make these 7 blocks. :^)

I received a comment on my last post that got me thinking. Swooze said I had 122 more blocks to go. Now that really spur me on, in the sense of : how many 3.5"? how many dark? how many light? It bugged my brain so much so that I sat down and calculated it.

Here's the stats:

September has 1 corner of 12", (done),
                         2 X 6"dark and
                         27 X 3" dark of which 9 are made already.
October has 1 corner of 12",
                        2 X 6" dark and
                        28 X 3" dark.
November has 1 corner of 12",
                        14 X 6" light and
                        15 X 3" dark.
December has 1 corner of 12" and
                       30 X 6" light.

Does it look overwhelming? Not for me. I used to gather stats at the office and I can see in my mind, that the pie chart has 65 dark blocks and 47 light blocks. So the percentage is still darker but the dark side is slowly receding. I can't wait to be in the light. I'm starting to have enough of playing with dark blues. Would it be okay if I were to make a few light blocks?

I am tempted to assemble the October corner called Chrysanthemum. Parts of the pieces are cut already because I know it will take me days to make this one as it has half a gazillion pieces and September is going by so quickly. So ... maybe? ... or not? ...

That's all for now. Maybe there'll be some yellow in my next post ... at least, I hope so.

Try to stay warm ... or dry.


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  1. I'm never tired of seeing your blue blocks because they are such amazing blocks! Aunt Dinah is a neat one!

  2. Your blocks have so much in each one.. they are great to see.... Even though you still have a lot to do it's good looking back and seeing just how much you have already done...

  3. I'm so impressed with your dedication, and so thrilled with seeing these little beauties! Wow!
    (I still think about using Aunt Dinah as a RSC block one of these years, but not in a tiny size!)

  4. You are doing a great job of working through all of these blocks. Statistics and quilting don't go together in my world, but... whatever floats your boat, Chantal!! :o))

  5. Your blocks are always fun to see, especially since I'm not making them, lol! Very cold here but not much snow (at the moment).

  6. Amazing tiny blocks! I cannot imagine doing so many of that size! It's going to be amazing though!

  7. I love seeing these blocks! At first glance they look normal but then you see the pins and realize how tiny they are. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. I won't get tired of seeing these pretty blues either! Such wonderful blocks.

  9. Your tiny blocks are always beautiful! Those are gorgeous too, I love Indian (or First Nation?)


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