Friday, 22 November 2019

Not so Blue ...

... well, yes, it's still blue!

Still care to see?

All the blocks are now measuring 6 1/2 inches unfinished.

I had to go back to November 13 to do Red Cross. It has 16 pieces and it was a piece of cake.

Comes November 14 which is a little bit more complex but still it was fun to do.
It has 29 pieces.

November 15 to 18 were little dark 3 1/2 inches blocks and they were done the week before in order to finish all the dark at once. See post here.

November 19 is called Album.
Pretty simple block but effective. I like this one. It has 21 pieces.

On November 20, we have Girl's Joy with 29 pieces.

Also an easy one.

Next we have Blind Man's Fancy and what the heck is wrong with this guy?
If he's blind what does he need all these pieces for? There's a humongous 79 pieces here and they don't work straight. The block of the inner star measures exactly what the pattern asked for, yet the top and bottom points are too far from the HSTs border by 1/4 inch. I kept measuring and unpicking stitches and measuring again to the point where I said whatever! Sew the last border on and pinned it to the wall. I am done with this one. :^p

Only 40 more blocks to go. Whoop whoop!


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  1. These are very pretty!
    They remind me of what a quilt shop owner told me back in the 1980's. When she selected fabrics for the store she would repeat to herself, "buy blue, Buy brown". It looks like those colors are back in vogue.
    Lynn from klein meisje quilts

  2. I love Blind Man's Fancy! (You need to photo some of these next to a coin, just to appreciate how tiny they are!)

  3. I like the addition of the lighter beige/cream color in these blocks. I think the Album block is my favorite this time.

  4. Moving right along!! SEW many down and only 40 to go. :o))

  5. Great blocks... I wonder why that last one is just not being the size you want... grrrr….. on the count down with the blocks now... yay

  6. Nice to lighten the mood a little - that last one is a stunner! xx

  7. Wow, Blind Man's Fancy is an amazing block! And with all those tiny pieces? It's stunning! I love all the other blocks, too. Good luck on the last 40.

  8. Those HSTs are so tiny on the blind man's fancy block. I know I would never have the patience. So I will just enjoy your blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  9. You are getting so close to the end! All your blocks look great. I made this quilt a couple years ago and I don't even remember doing some of these blocks--a mental block probably!

  10. Lovely and a nice addition. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  11. Blind Man's Fancy is a good name: he can fancy all he likes but HE will never make his block. Unlike you who are neither blind nor all fingers and thumbs and have made a wonderful little block. You deserve a medal for patience!

  12. Closer and closer! You can do it!
    I think Blind Man's Fancy is too fancy for those floating corners to be noticeable. Carry on!


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