Saturday, 15 February 2020

As the Snow is Gently Falling ... again!

I am still sewing little bits of pieces. I am so addicted to these little pieces.

Sixteen little stars for Cécile Sew-Along. They stand at 3.5 inches at the moment. They came out of my scrap bins and from gifted bags of scraps. So much fun.

Then I decided they need a special treatment. A different fabric was chosen for each star. Such a beautiful array of colors around my sewing machine, because I am also working on ...

a multi-colored fabric basket.
Plans are laid out. It was my leader-ender as I was sewing the stars but now it will jump up a notch because the stars are done.

The missing ones are on the ironing board. This project is coming along very quickly ... for me. :^D

On the other hand, this project was not coming along quickly. Do you remember this quilt in flannel? I started it in 2014. I worked part-time on it for like 3 years, finishing all the blocks in 2017. Finally got the last border on last year.

and it's being quilted ever so slowly since then.
It measures 100 X 75 inches and the backing is also all flannel. The quilting of this beast on my little Janome was so demanding on my neck and shoulders that I did very little at a time.

Well, I finally got it done.

I tried to bind it with the backing fabric folded to the front. My result was not nice.
I am pulling too much on the backing I think because the border got all puffy and distorted. :^(  There is obviously a trick of the trade that I don't know about.

And I couldn't get the corner to look half decent. So, out came the Super Seam Ripper and the rotary cutter. The backing was cut down and a "real" binding was added.

Later tonight and tomorrow I will hand sew the black binding down. 350 inches to go. Sounds like I'm gonna have a lovely time. It's good to finally have a finish too. :^D  More pictures to come next week.

Have a great one everyone.


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  1. Love those tiny stars! And you're so close to a finish, a wonderful feeling after so much hard work quilting that huge quilt. Snowing there huh, this morning we have crystal clear blue skies, along with -15 degrees F. Too cold but very pretty.

  2. LOVE your little Ohio Stars. ADORABLE. I'm afraid to ask how little they are. LOL

  3. The little stars are so adorable, Chantal! Glad you're enjoying them! And congratulations on finishing your big quilt, too. At least it is a good time of year to be covered up in a flannel quilt while sewing your binding!

  4. You have such patience to work with those gorgeous little stars. Good luck on getting the binding right...very frustrating .

  5. I just love your tiny little stars... just gorgeous. Well done with the quilting.... it's going to be fabulous. I have never had much success with the bring the backing over binding either... I wonder what the magic trick is? Happy binding...

  6. Je pense que ton quilt sera très coloré !! Pour mon plus grand plaisir !!
    Nous aurons choisi toutes deux des Ohio Stars sans se le dire !!
    On est trop fortes !

  7. Les bordures colorées vont bien à tes petites étoiles, c'est très joli. J'ai hâte de voir la suite !

  8. Ta! Da! Good for you to persevere with the quilting! It's a very pretty quilt and will keep you or someone else quite cozy warm!

  9. Wee those little stars are adorable!

  10. Oh my those tiny blocks are adorable. I need to do something my box of small scraps is jam packed

  11. OK...I am completely smitten and impressed with those tiny blocks...they are beautiful! And your scrappy quilt is amazing. I am impressed, again, that you quilted it yourself on your home sewing machine! I need to start quilting some of my own!

  12. Adorable little stars. You've done a fine job with teeny tiny pieces!

  13. Lovely little str blocks. Who'd have thought you'd be making mini blocks again so soon after the 365 quilt!

  14. Flannel is so easy to stretch. I think it was a good choice to add a standard binding - you will have it sewn on in no time :)

    Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. Bits of ORANGE for the RSC, a new scrap basket, AND a nearly completed quilt?! Way to go, Chantal!!!

  16. Those little stars are adorable. They look like fun.

    I know what it's like to quilt a big quilt on the DSM. I have to take lots and lots of breaks so I don't break my back and neck.

  17. The little blocks will form a beautiful quilt, cant wait to see it. As for quilting the large quilt on a domestic? You are an inspiration because I would never attempt that. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.

  18. I love love LOVE those itty bitty stars!
    I tried that wrap-the-backing-to-the-front binding once. Just once. Never again. Ever. You'll be happier with the real binding!

  19. Such tiny and beautiful star blocks. I love those small blocks.

  20. Those tiny stars are so cute, mine would be skewed all over the place. Your big quilt is spectacular! Seeing it squeezed through your machine looks familiar. I have a quilt waiting to be wrestled through my Janome, and I keep putting it off.

  21. i love your tiny stars...this sew along is fun fun fun!


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