Tuesday, 14 April 2020

What Cabin Fever Turned Me Into

It all started with the need of finding more Aqua/Turquoise fabric to finish my RSC Challenge back in March.

I dived into my strings bins looking for aqua and found more than that ...

... so much more than just aqua. I started to itch to sew them all together. It was fun! After the aqua was done, I couldn't stop.

Somehow this happened. (!!??)

I thought I needed some straight strings for another piece, because I couldn't stop. I needed to sew these scraps together and turned my eyes to my 1.5 inches strips bin. Oh Yes Baby!

I instantly developed a yearning to sew 9 patch block. Somehow this happened. (!!??)

And this! 
Alternate block to the 9 Patch

And a blooper. what's a good sewing session without a blooper? 

After, I put the strips back in the bin properly as it was just a big mess before, (Should have taken a picture of the before.) some pieces were too short to be used in a 9 patch block (see pile on the left of the bin in the earlier photo). Now I had more scraps to sew and the fever gain on me to just sew some more.

Again, I don't know what these are for (!!) and why I am doing this (??)

We interrupt this program for an important information. 

Health care people need more masks. 

So masks were made.

Some for men
Some for ladies 

They are open on the sides so the nurses, doctors, etc, can insert additional protection. The pattern was given to The Artisanat Club by the clinic. 
Sew until I ran out of elastic. 9 for ladies and 10 for men. And the scraps are calling my name from the corner of the picture! 

Thank you, health care people, cashiers, first respondents, and all of you out there for your daily sacrifice. 

Now back to our regular programming. 

Meanwhile, I found in a gifted bag of scraps (from a long time gone social gatherings), this piece. It's a baby panel that is commercially quilted ...

... but it has no backing. (!! ??)

Okay! So? What is one supposed to do with this? This batting is not even soft!! Yuk!

I got a mind of taking it apart. Yes, I know, right! I'm going crazy. Totally too late for me. haha!

I can hear Cynthia, (Quilting is More Fun than Housework) who hates to un-stitch, wondering "Why would anyone want to undo all that?"  I don't know!! The Cabin Fever made me do it!

When I got back into my sewing room, those funny strips were still there. They were calling my name  again.
I felt the pressure to sew some more together. And this happened.

Yet, more and more were coming out.


I can't TAKE it anyMORE!!! 

The scraps are invading me!!  

With my youngest son's help, we turned an ugly, sun-faded chair into this. (Again, didn't take a before picture. Sorry)

For first time upholsterers, I think we did a pretty good job. We deserve an A on this one ... or a box of Oreo cookies. :^D

And one place mat almost done. Wonder what I could use to bind it with?

How about some scraps?   😵 AAAhhhhhhhhhh!

Saturday, April 4th, was such a hot gorgeous day that everyone wanted to be outside. But we have to keep our distance and this is what social distancing means ...
...  socializing from a distance. I love this. The neighbours are sitting at the end of their driveways, talking the afternoon away. (Seen from my living room window)


This post's meant to bring a smile to your face. Hope I succeeded. Have a great one. ♥

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  1. The chair! The nine-patches! The masks and strips! OMG, you’ve been one possessed stitcher! WAY TO GO!!!!! It sounds like you’re having fun. Thanks for a great, cheery post!

  2. you did make me smile.... so much is happening ... I think the social isolation has been good for our production lines... I love the chair covering... looks great and such a lovely pile of 9 patches... looks like your scrap box has erupted in your sewing room!

  3. What an uplifting and wonderful post. I love your strip organization. Looks a little like mine!
    Loved seeing your strings, crumbs and especially the nine patches. Just great.
    Your chair is fabulous and I give you an A+ really
    IT warms my heart to see the neighbors socializing responsibly. YAY for them. We will get through this.
    thanks again for the fun post.

  4. An enjoyable read. You certainly have a lot of fabric strips to work with. I like the nine patch blocks best.

  5. Love love love the strips and that chair is amazing!! We have all become factory sewers it seems...;))) .
    Stay safe and don't forget to rest your mind...when you can--just silence...is so nice....
    ~ ~ ~ Julierose

  6. You are too funny! I love your recovered chair - like a brand new box of Crayolas when we were kids! You must have made at least a tiny dent in your scraps, amazing production.

  7. You definitely made me smile with this post, Chantal! And that chair - wow! What a great project!

  8. Success-you did make me grin! Especially with all your scraps, it reminds me of my own glaring at me:0 Your new chair is awesome!

  9. You did make me smile, thank you for that!! My goodness you have been sewing up a storm. Love what you have done with the chair those scraps have a hole in you now. 🤣🤣🤣 great post.

  10. Oh my, such a lot of fun! I love the chair and your resourceful neighbours. Keep smiling. xx

  11. ROFL!!! You are SEW funny, Chantal. Glad to see the chair is complete (and now maybe the scraps can be contained.) Awesome collaboration with your son!

  12. Oh yes, you've made us smile! Your string bin is like Mary Poppins' magic carpet bag -- you just kept pulling scraps out and it never ever emptied!

  13. You really took a deep dive into your scraps and strings. For some reason a bunch of your photos are not showing up in the post. I've noticed that happening on several other blogs and not sure why. Can't wait to see what all your little blocks become.

  14. LOVE the interruption to make masks. It seems like that is what will be happening at my sewing machine this week. The neighbors talking outside is GREAT! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did for the chair! Have a great week. :)

  15. I love that chair; I wouldn't know where to begin on a project like that (apart from sewing the strips together - I can manage that too!) It's a pity the photos aren't all coming through; maybe my server, or yours, or google, can't manage the volume of bits in so many photos. Ha, I mean the IT bits, not your bits of fabric!

  16. It certainly did bring a smile to my face, and others too I'm sure. Well done on sewing all those strips together but im sure you still have plenty more waiting in the wings. And you did a great job with that chair, well done indeed!

  17. I think recovering that chair is a brilliant idea! Cabin fever has it's benefits and this is one of them! I would bet that if it wasn't for stay at home orders, you might not have thought of this idea! Now I wish I had a chair to cover!!

  18. Definitely a A+ on the chair!
    And look at you staying so busy! Cabin fever is working out really well!

  19. Hi Chantal, what a lovely chair. Who knows what cabin fever can bring!

  20. Love the chair! I get burned out on the maskmaking, so I need to reward myself with block making every now and then. And a cookie of course!

  21. Ha! You know me too well Chantal :)

    Your chair turned out amazing. I might have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  22. Love your chair -- just like everyone does. I tried to reupholster my roly chairs in my studio. I have 4 and know that 2, maybe 3 can't be redone. BUMMER. But I have one new one that I haven't considered.... maybe that one can be done. Thanks for the reminder/suggestion. Yes, social distancing can work from driveways or hanging around a cul de sac standing away from everyone. I'm sorry not all of your pictures are coming through but terrific to see you chair!

  23. I love the idea of recovering a chair. I should see if I can figure out how to do it.

  24. Oh, yes!!! Big smile! This morning I made some sawtooth stars. Why? Just because. They will go in the drawer with some other ones (from the swap). We are all a little (or a lot) nuts these days. I wonder if non- quilters are more or less nuts than quilters. I'm guessing more because they don't have anything to do!

  25. Hahahaha ! Oui c'est réussi, tu me fais rire ;)) Belle chaise, bravo, comme quoi, de petits bouts de tissus peuvent faire de bien belles choses ;)


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