Saturday, 16 October 2021

Orange Sewing and Much More

Are you tired of hearing about the Hole in the Barn Door? Well, your misery is almost over, lol. 

More sashings were done...

... only three more to go. Yay! 

The assembling process has begun. 

Not sure what has happened at this intersection but no amount of pressing will flatten this out. The seam ripper rescue team has been called. 😋

And then... 

Hole in the Barn Door is a top! 

There are so many fabrics in here. One day, I'll sit down and count the pieces ... Buhahahaha! 
Do you see circles? When I look at one block, I see circles in the corners of the block. I didn't know it would do that. It's cool. 

I am using my DS2's empty room as a photographing room. All my pictures were dark because it is raining again here. Then it dawned on me - I have a vacant room with two fluorescent lights! Awesome! It was my sewing room when the boys were small. Now, one boy has left the nest. Sigh! 

Mommy, where is E? 

As I connected the last rows together, I did this little sewing machine as a leader-ender. 

It is so fun, I want to make some more. It's a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop. It comes in different sizes and I did the 6" one. I don't know why it looks so crooked in the photo. 

But before I embark on anything, I need to clean the mess a crumb quilt can leave behind. 

It needed lots of variety of colours and prints. Every bags of little pieces I have are present or emptied on the cutting table. At the top right you can see that even the drawer of my desk is open in order to have more "flat surfaces" to place bags. I'm quite funny that way. 😁

I found something at the thrift store I didn't know I needed until I saw it. Don't you like it when that happens?

IKEA's storage with baskets. The price I paid barely covers the cost of the baskets. It will be put to good use as I clean and reorganized the sewing room. 

That's all for now. Take care, everyone. 


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  1. What a scrap happy quilt. But, yes, crumb quilting creates a big mess (and never seems to reduce the amount of crumbs!).

  2. love the quilt - I have no idea how the mess of a crumb quilt takes over - it just does.

  3. love love love the crumb quilt... hole in the barn door... fabulous

  4. Woo hoo! Congrats on the top, it's wonderful! And what a great storage find!

  5. Hole in the Barn Door is a happy scrappy quilt. Love it ♥
    The sewing machine is a pretty block. Will you stitch the needle?
    Great find, hope the new storage baskets, helps organizing the crumb problem ;)

  6. Oh no, I'm not tired of hearing about this one! It's beautiful! Love all those scrappy bits.

  7. Your quilt top turned out beautifully, so bright and vibrant. Yes, I can see the circles too.

  8. Oh how I love this quilt top, Chantel (but you knew that I would!!)

  9. Wow that uses a lot of scraps and is so fun and happy! Yes scrap sewing can create a mountain of mess can't it.

  10. Beautiful scrap quilt. I love the find too.

  11. Love it! And I love the string sashing the most. It really adds a lot to the quilt. Congratulations on a great finish!

  12. Oooooooh, Hole in the Barn Door est superbe, bravo ! Le bloc machine à coudre aussi ! Bon, reste le ménage et le rangement ;D

  13. Well I am not tired of seeing this quilt top cos I think it is stunning! And I can see the circles. Great finish and a great find in your new storage baskets too. xx

  14. Your Hole in the Barn Door top is fabulous! I adore that sashing!
    And that little sewing machine is adorable! (And looks like it could be a squirrel in disguise... Off to grab that pattern now...)

  15. How wonderfully scrappy! Great job putting all those bits into such a lovely quilt top. And for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  16. wowsers! LOTS of scraps, and YES< I see the "hole" or secondary design - you really went for gold with that project! Thanks for giving me the hint! Christmas Tree? as long as I have ONE mess, I'm going to make a second tree, maybe a third.


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