Saturday, 22 January 2022

Red Hot

I like to go grocery shopping early in the morning (fewer people). This morning, it was minus 33C, yes minus. To those who think heated seats are a stupid invention, around here, it's a necessity. Brrr!

But in my sewing room, it's red hot!   

Yep, 9-Patch! 

I found these little pieces of beautiful red fabric and I just had to make a 9-Patch block with it. I couldn't decide which fabric to match it to, so I did both. 

No matter how hard I tried, it kept looking out of focus. After 10 tries, I gave up. 

The newest blocks that I showed you last week, got finished and they now look like this. 

Two different stars appear when you put four together. 

Of course, it will not be only red, although it is hot in red. 

In my last post, I forgot another contender I could use for RSC2022. Remember this one? Sorry, I don't know its name.

I could do units as part of the RSC and eventually assemble the units with the cross in the middle to make the block. That sounds very doable to me. The original pattern has two white dots before the middle cross so I will change this one a little bit. Love the cat fabric. 

I would also like to have a quilt ready to be machine quilted. I could work on it a little bit during my break since I am working from home and it will reduce the list of UFOs. So I started to pin another red beauty. 

It's none other than Field of Poppies. (I thought I had pressed this top!)

That's all for now. 
Hope you have a great one. 


Angela at So Scrappy 
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 


  1. Oh boy, -33°, it's cold! Your red blocks are so pretty, I love the grey with red music fabric. These new blocks look good, and quite complex. Well done!
    Thank you for sharing all those hot colors and blocks, and linking up ;)

  2. Wonderful RED scrappy sewing, Chantal!! I can't imagine negative number temperatures. I thought it was cold enough at 25 degrees this week!

  3. Lots of great projects! I really love that star block! Do you know the name for the block.

  4. Your star blocks are magnificent! Looking forward to seeing the full quilt. I'm a huge fan of heated seats! Especially as the heat in my car failed last week. The heat from the seat definitely helped over the weekend. I've recently been converted to heated steering wheels and wishing I had one in my car.

  5. I love that red and white star block. It sure has been cold in our part of the world too, -23F this morning. Are we ready for spring yet? Yes!!

  6. Those blocks that make the multiple stars are fabulous! That will be fun when you add other colors, too. Stay warm!

  7. I can't fatham what that temp feels like.....I have enjoyed heated seats a few wines and it was lovely on a sore back..... Sometimes I would love a seat cooler in summer......
    But I like you try to avoid the busy times......

  8. I once lived in Idaho when it got down to -49 (F). Those -30 and -40 temps are roughly the same F or C. Not safe to be outside in. I hope you warm up soon! I LOOOOVE that red double star block. I’m sure that several of us will be watching with interest!

  9. Heated seats and a heated steering wheel for those cold days are wonderful amenities! Brrr. . .your temperatures are cold! Your red two different stars block is my favorite; but, I like all of your projects!! I hear you about avoiding busy times at the grocery store!

  10. Lots of red hot red here, I love it! The red blocks that make the stars are like magic when you put them together. Good luck with the quilting, hope the weather warms up to at least zero!

  11. I'll be part of the crowd watching your double-star blocks, too!

  12. There you go again, tempting me with more RSC blocks (those double stars, oh my) when I told myself to only work on 2 plus crumbs. I thought we were cold with -9F.

  13. oh my gosh that is very cold.... you must be really hungry to go out in that!!! Love the reds... those blocks will look wonderful together...

  14. That double star is amazing. I can't wait to see it in more colors. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. So many fun projects, but that star block - wow! So cool.

  16. Oh yes - I love that Star block - how clever!


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