Saturday 25 May 2024

Slowly Getting Into Pink

Well, I'm finally playing with Pink. Not many days left before the end of the month but here it is. 

The yellow scraps weren't used as much as I had planned. Not much difference between the first picture (beginning of the month) and the second picture (end of the month). 

I separated the "gold" yellow from the rest, the bag on top on the right. On the left are the yellows with other colours that I wanted to turn into 9 patches. Oh well! At the front, unfinished crumb blocks. 

In my defence, Yellow does not have a scrap basket. The bigger scraps are also in these bags compared to other colours which have a basket to store the larger pieces. Anywho!

The 9-patch blocks that were cut and waiting by the sewing machine to be sewed are done. 
A friend gave me a little bag of scraps and those blues were too nice not to play with. Hehehe. 

Decluttering with Joy ( 100 Days 100 Things Decluttered )

I spent some time trying out summer outfits that no longer fit. So blouses and capri pants were sent to the second-hand store. Boy! That store must love me lately. 
I had kept a faux leather bag thinking my son could use it as he started college. It is the perfect size for a laptop. He prefers to keep his laptop in his backpack. Goodbye, blue bag sporting my "ex" job union logo. 

Please answer this: How come the scraps multiply when no one's looking, but the stitches on a quilt never change?  
I didn't work on my hand-quilting project for over a month and it didn't help itself either. The injustice is unbearable!! Lol.

So where am I at? 

This is the pink scrap I have, and no scrap basket either. There are only small pieces in there. Nothing was big enough for the Double Halo Star block, so I used a pink yardage. 

The star for the Double Halo block is completed. It's a start... 

Also started are two tulip blocks. A little yellow crumb block was used as the leader ender while sewing these parts. (While looking at this picture, a squirrel sneaked in and whispered something in my ear. OMG! Another quilt to make!)  

My Pink Rainbow UFO Challenge didn't even make it out of the drawer. These challenges aren't doing so well this year. Pictures of Dreaming in Dutch - Rainbow UFO Challenge for May as a reminder of what it looks like. 

The pink tulips were done in January 2021. 

All the blocks were made but I can't locate a picture will all of them. This is the best I have. Sorry. 

This past week, we had a fright when we saw that cloud coming towards us on Wednesday. 

I stared at it for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't spinning. We usually don't have twisters in Canada, but then again, the weather is so unpredictable nowadays. Luckily, there were minimal winds but lots of heavy rain. No damage. Just a good fright. 

I spotted these sweet faces behind my place on Friday morning. 

So, I think that's all I have. I'll try to be more productive but work is still zapping a lot of my energy. I like it though. 

I hope you too are enjoying what you're doing. 

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Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Tes blocs jaunes sont très joyeux, et tu as encore de quoi faire avec les chutes restantes ! Les 2 modèles de tulipes sont charmants.
Bon courage avec ton nouveau travail, et le temps de caler ton rythme. Bises

Gwyned Trefethen said...

I love the idea of a before and after photo of the scrap bag. Seems I always need to hit the stash for just a few more scraps, which leads to new scraps and the number of remaining scraps at the end of the month stays constant. Whereas your yellow bags seem reduced.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

When it comes to sewing with scraps, every little bit counts, right?! I love your little star block - it's a fun design. And the tulips! I remember them - hope you have a chance to work on them sometime soon!

Fiona said...

Any progress on tidying and sewing is progress.... poor yellow scraps with no bag! how lovely to see those deer - they would be a distracgtion from anything else...

Cathy said...

I’m not sure if my last comment went through, so I’m commenting again. I love your tulips! And what a great idea to take before and after shots of your scraps. If only I could remember to do it!

Quilting Babcia said...

The scrap bins only seem to get bigger after I take away anything, so I try to ignore them as much as possible, lol! Good that you're enjoying your new job. Even those of us that are retired have a hard time trying to get anything done once the weather turns summery.

Astrid said...

Love your tulip blocks/quilt, and a pretty star block too. That cloud looks scary, glad it gave some rain only. It's a fact that scraps multiply! My box with 1.5" strips has multiplied from one box to two! How did that happen?!

Lin said...

Good to hear that you are enjoying your job - the one worth waiting for? What an amazing cloud but glad that it caused you no damage. xx said...

Learning a new position does zap your energy. . .give yourself more grace. I'm glad you like the new position. Great idea to compare your scrap bag from the beginning of the month to the end of the month! I hear you about yellow, I don't have much of it either; but I have even less pink! Until I started participating in the RSC I didn't notice! As for the scraps multiplying while your back is turned yet no quilting stitches occur while you are away. . .those sewing elves likely feel their stitches aren't as nice as yours. . .!!!! lOL

Vicki in MN said...

I haven't visited for a while so I missed out on your tulip blocks so I am tickled you showed a bunch of them laid out, so pretty! Yes those scrap bags/baskets never seem to look like they go down even when we make a whole quilt with them!! Scary weather out there!

Susie H said...

Love the tulip blocks! And who could resist those beautiful eyes??!! Great pictures.

Jenny said...

Thise scraps certainly do multiply, but I'd never thought about the stitching not getting done in the dead of the night. Wouldn't it be great if that did happen. You have been busy with your blocks, and having a clean out of your wardrobe too. Guess I should be doing the same.

The Joyful Quilter said...

You are just starting PINK when everyone else is finishing up?! No worries, Chantal. It will be back around next year... or you can keep at it like you did with yellow. The whole point is to SEW your scraps! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your job even though it is an energy thief. Congrats on getting a bit more decluttering done, as every little bit helps!

Nann said...

I'm impressed that you've condensed a scrap color into two bags! The positive/negative tulips are great. Hope you'll maintain energy for all the things you both have to do and want to do this week.

Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

Pretty pink star for the Double Halo block, and you have lots of lovely scraps! I always think of scraps like treasure. They definitely do multiply when you're not looking. Sometimes when I cut out quilt blocks before bedtime I wonder if some elves will come along and sew them for me, like in the story of the elves and the shoemaker. It hasn't happened yet, but I keep hoping!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

No joke, it is a mystery to me too where the scraps come from and never seem to diminish. What lovely pink that tulip design you are using. Hope you are having a great Sunday. Cloudy/sunny off and on here outside Ottawa.