Saturday, 2 August 2014

Saturday updates

Still sitting at my favorite place with a coffee, enjoying some sewing and cutting some hexies. Awwwhh! I love slow mornings. The children are up and watching Wolverine on TV and I am very content to ignore them for a little while.  Laundry is on the clothesline already so I grant myself a few stitching minutes. :^)
Even with the umbrella open, you can tell by the shadows that the sun is already high but not very strong.  It is still looking through the haze that has moved in our region lately.  Thought the rain would have gotten rid of it but no! It's still here, like earwigs!!

Onto another note, I have received a lot of comments saying it is okay to take a vacation from a project and it is also okay to even start a new project before the first one is completed.  Oh I hear you and I have been a two timer a lot of times. But for some mysterious reason, I just can't let the Quilt of the Century go... to far on the shelf.  It is not my priority # 1 right now but it is still close by my side. I did start a new project. Oh boy! I was tricked into this one!!  A coworker of mine asked me if I was interested in the legs part of the jeans her daughters had cut off. Before I even had a chance to think it through, my mouth said yes!  What? Wait! Since when do you take decision? That's not your job! So I came home with a bag full of cut off jeans.  Searched the Internet for jeans quilts and found waaaayyy too many. So I did my own version.

It is jeans and flannel. It went together so fast.  Very enjoyable little project.  It is not "fringed" yet and it might not be completed done either.  I think I would like one more row.  It will be use as a rug in front of the couch in the playroom. This is really outside my box so it is called "Off Road" which I thought I would never do. Ha! That'll teach me to be so sure of myself. ha! ha! ha! ha!

Until next time ... SMiLE... it zips the mouth from speaking to fast.

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  1. sometimes googling an idea is not good... too much inspiration comes over... I love your version - nice and thick and hardwearing... will be a great addition to the playroom...



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