Sunday, 28 September 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

It is such a gorgeous day here, I almost feel too lazy to stitch!  :^)

"Where I come from" (a.k.a. Crumb quilt) is all done!! Except for the label which I will do today.

Stitched in the ditch on the quilt and some cross hatching on the last border. The blue border is not quilted.

Now it's time to choose a label.  How about this one?

This one ?

Some thing more masculine maybe, made of old shirts ?  I see that I need to flip a petal or two to make this flower look better.
I might do some embroidery on it because I like the last one I did that way.

I am joining Kathy and her friends for Slow Sunday Stitching.  Also joining Angie and the Hexie Weekend people. 

Enjoy!! ;^)


  1. I like the first one because you'll be able to see the writing better. What a neat idea for a label!

  2. PS - great quilt! and thanks for linking to Hexie Weekend, Chantal.

  3. I like the idea of the flower as the label! I agree the first one would show the writing or embroidery better. Great quilt!

  4. Love the flower label. The first would be best for writing I think.Such a pretty quilt.

  5. Ah girl your crumb quilt is amazing -- I just love it. Also love the idea for the label -- plain 'ole me would go with the white petals so that the writing would show. Thanks for sharing at Angie's and thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  6. Such wonderful scrappy goodness! I love it. Nice label too, whichever you end up choosing. I see I need to get more creative...though really I'm doing well to get a label on the quilt at all!

  7. love your scrappy quilt..... and the border is just perfect...

  8. I like the GFG label ... and agree that the first one would probably work better as it would allow the writing to show up better. Such a fabulous quilt! Good job on the finish!

  9. It is gorgeous! AND your laundry line isn't sagging like mine does, lol....

    Love the quilt / congrats on a wonderful finish :)

  10. Your crumb quilt looks great Chantal. The middle hexie is my favourite.

  11. Congrats on a terrific finish! How fun to make a hexie label!

  12. Congratulations on a nice finish! I'm sure your tag choice will be just right :-)


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