Monday, 15 December 2014

Design Wall Monday

Last Saturday I have set aside some time for my sewing machine and I, 

and we

Look what we did. 

We have assembled 9 more blocks for this quilt !

Love this one with the writing.  And the roses too.
Maybe this one doesn't "fit" with the other but I love it just the same.

Oh yes, that reminds me I forgot to share something with you!  A month ago (already!) I won a gift certificate from Nicky at Mrs Sew and Sow for Scrapstastic Tuesday.  Well, it didn't took me very long to spend it lol. This is what I've got! Yeah!

Okay back to the Design Wall.  Next, I honestly have no idea what happened here. Ask the scissors!
It got repaired!  It got to the wall!

We have also assembled some more 9 patch. None of these are for the first 9 patch quilt. Some will be used in the second 9 patch quilt and the rest in the third :)

I sew long strips of fabric together to make the 9 patch. Sometimes I have a unit leftover that I keep in this bowl and make some misfits 9 patch out of them.  

For example, these 
made one like this 
Fun right? I love it when the brain has no idea what the hands are up to lol!

I collect the 9 patch in this bin, and I pinned them in groups of 5 as I am making a Double 9 Patch blocks. So far, I have enough to make 17 blocks. I will probably start assembling them into D 9 P next week .... if I can wait that long :D

All together, I have 111 little 9 patch blocks made.  This week, I want to continue on these as I have cut a lot of 1.5 strips.  I also want to quilt Take 21. Progress is slow but progress it is. I also need to make more hexagons as I ran out of sewing to do during lunch break at work. That's it for now. 

Joining Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday. Check it out!

Until next time .... Enjoy!! 


  1. Hello Chantal !
    Comme tu as bien travaillé !! Tes blocs sont supers beaux et ils avancent bien sur ton design wall....les tissus que tu as gagné, aussi sont beaux, et si je ne me trompe pas, tu en as déjà utilisé un dans un nine-patch !!
    J'adore les tissus orangé et les tiens ressortent vraiment bien au milieu des bleus et des marrons !!
    Bonne continuation et ...have fun ! :)

  2. Looks like things were humming in your sewing room! So nice to be able to schedule a whole block of time to play. I love your comment about the brain not knowing what the hands are doing...happens to me all the time ... unintentionally!! :))))

  3. both sets of blocks are looking fantastic.....

  4. Hi Chantal: Your blocks look great . My favourite is the the one with the writing. Congratulations on your win...and guess what. I won a gift certificate this month at Scraptastic Tuesday.

  5. Love Love your little blocks. Can't wait to see the quilt.

  6. I really love scrappy nine patch blocks - wow you have so many! Can't wait to see the quilts.
    Love the blocks your making, what is the name of that block?


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