Sunday, 14 December 2014

Slow Down Sunday

Yeah! I've made it! That was quite a busy week with lots of things going on at home and at work. Yesterday I had errands to do and the cleaning and worked on my design wall.  Today the plan is to do some baking, take some pictures of the quilt progress and to take  Kathy's advice to slow down for some slow stitching. So I will work on Take 21.

Since I took these pictures, I was able to work on it on some mornings before work this past week,so I am further along.

My goal is to finish block 8 of the 5th row today. That is the last block of the row. Then I will move the quilt down and start on row 6 hopefully tomorrow.

Since the quilt has 10 rows, half of it will be done. Yeah again! It is not realistic to think he can have this quilt this year so I gave up on that idea awhile back and I feel so much better now. Less stress! He's okay with waiting a little longer to get it. I mean it's not like he has none on his bed at the moment, ha! ha! he has three! He is definitively not cold!

Enjoy your Sunday and hope you find yourself with a needle in hand. See ya at Kathy's place for Slow Sunday Stitching.



  1. I am sure he is very aware of how long and how much love goes into making a special quilt!

  2. It's funny how much pressure the deadline puts on us when stitching. It's so much more relaxing without the pressure :)

  3. Tu avances bien !!! Je suis certaine que ton fils voit et apprecie ta progression !!
    Est-ce que tu quiltes selon la méthode du "quilt as you go" ?
    Très bonne fin de journée Chantal ! ;)

  4. Glad you took the pressure off yourself. I'd just put a bow on it and show it to him for Christmas!

  5. I find I get more done when I can just enjoy the process and not be pressured. It will be done when just the right amount of stitches are added. There will be plenty of time to cuddle up with it and enjoy those hand made stitches!

  6. Oh, I love seeing your quilt and frame! Very nice. Best wishes on your goal - I hope you make it. I have not been hand quilting to achieve my goal - but maybe next year! Have a great quiet stitching day.

  7. The quilt is looking lovely... a bit each day makes such a difference...

  8. I'm taking inspiration from you and quilting on my hubby's quilt ... a little at a time. I had hoped to get it done by the end of the year, but you and I both know how busy this time of year is. ;-)


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