Monday, 1 December 2014

Monday Design Wall

What's on my design wall tonight? Or maybe I should say what's NOT on my design wall tonight?

Cascadia Doll Quilt Mystery as hosted by Lori from Humble Quilt that's what!

As I was working on this little darling, I found myself wishing it was a little bit longer. Since there was a need to add some fabric at the end of the section with diagonal little squares, I thought why not frame that little section. So out came the fabric and the party began.  :)   (I had a dozen fabric but only showing you the top 5)


 first red

 (Don't know why the border fabric, on the right of the picture, looks pinkish here. It is brown.)


In the end, the second red won by 1/2 inch! 

As I was sewing, it didn't occur to me that by adding these frames, I was not only making a longer but also a much squarer quilt. It's okay! I love it! I needed it longer because I want to give it to Victoria as a cover for her cabinet.  I am sure it will perfect once I hand quilt it. You see, Victoria is an antique Singer sewing machine from 1923.  I am sure she has sewn such fabric before so it would be a nice little quilt for her, don't you think? 
Thank you so much Lori for this little mystery quilt. I had fun and I love how it ends.  The antique quilt from which came this inspiration is so adorable. See it here. I just might make another one with fabric from the 1930's ! 

The rest of my design wall hasn't change much. I made 4 little 9 patch and one antique block. Yes, I know, a few stitches is better than no stitches!  I'll try to do better next week  ;^) 

Until then why not check out Patchwork Times to see more inspirations from other people's walls or floors. I know I will :D

Enjoy some stitching!


  1. What a perfect use for your perfect quilt!! Love it!

  2. Victoria is going to love her quilt :)

  3. Beautiful little quilt Chantal!

  4. What a lovely little quilt - and I loved the original on Lori's blog too. xx

  5. Je pense que Victoria va apprécier ton mini !! Il va être super beau avec ces couleurs...(et c'est vrai que choisir un tissu pour le dos ne fut pas très facile !)
    J'espère qu'aujourd'hui, je vais pouvoir coudre le binding.
    Bonne journée à toi !
    Amitiés ! :)

  6. I think that Victoria will be very pleased! :)

  7. What a sweet gift for Victoria ... Merry Christmas to her!

    And you're right, a few stitches are definitely better than no stitches.

  8. another gorgeous creation by you...

  9. Ooh, I love this little quilt! How big is it? I think it would be wonderful done in 1930s or even 1830s!


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