Sunday, 21 December 2014

Slow Sunday Stitching

Sunday is here! Yeah!

Last Sunday, I wanted to finish the last block on row 5 on Take 21 and I did. I didn't start on row 6 as planned as I didn't have the energy to mark the quilt this week.

On top of all the extra shopping, appointment with the hairdresser and so on, I've got my back into knots by driving in the freezing rain and the extra stress this week brought. So I was not good for much. I did do a lot of pinning, Unfortunately, it was not on fabric but on Pinterest!! UGH! I am so hooked on that thing! Got to stop that! I managed to save a little bit of time to do something productive and knitted another dishcloth and made little hexies!!

Yes, the Quilt of the Century got some attention this past week. All the green diamonds were assembled.

I have four more to attached to the quilt to finish this row and that's what I plan to do today.

The next row will be light red and more than half of the hexies were done last week.

I will assemble these into diamonds during lunch break at work. Yes, I am working during the Holidays. The children won't be around but there is a lot of year-end papers to shuffle.
But that is tomorrow. Today I will sew! My back won't allow me to sit for long period of time but a few stitches here and there during the day should produce some progress.

I've said I wouldn't show you my first try at knitting but I can share a picture of the second and almost third dishcloth. The sides are not straight but I am okay with that and rather proud of my finished product.

I am linking to Kathy's blog for Slow Sunday Stitching. Hope you can join us too.

Have a great sewing Sunday!



  1. Kudos on the Knitting / the hexies are lovely and enjoy your day and the holidays! :)

  2. Love your wash cloths.

    Hexies are always an excellent choice for when you don't have a lot of time to sit and stitch, especially at lunch breaks. I wish I had discovered them when I was still working. ;-)

  3. Tu as raison ...couds ! couds !! :)
    Tes hexies sont supers beaux et les prochains en rouge et beige wow !! Ca va faire ressortir les coloris sombres !!
    Il va quand même falloir que j'aille me renseigner sur Pinterest....on va arriver en 2015 et je n'y suis jamais allée.....Oups ! J'espère que tes amies ne vont pas cliquer sur traduction ! LOLOLOL !!!
    Bises et très bon dimanche !

  4. You are making great hexie progress! Take good care of your back

  5. so my favourite quilt is getting to the end??? I love knitted dishcloths... and it doesn't matter if they are an odd shape... the dishes don't seem to mind!!! work so well...


  6. Your hexies are coming along very well!


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