Saturday, 28 February 2015

Friday Flimsy part II

Since I had some technical problems yesterday with my post, this morning, armed with a strong cup of java, I will try again!

At one point, last night, this picture did upload (in a gigantic size!).

I played a lot with the layouts of these blocks; from rainbow-ish settings

to random

to furrow

to ...
to ...

to ...


This picture I took late last night on the back deck but it was getting too dark. 

Do you see the swirls? 

This morning, I will press it real good and start to cut some borders for this one. I am thinking of a pieced border with a light neutral inner border. I still have plenty of time to think about this as I have a lot of ironing to do. 

Also have to think about a name because it doesn't want to be known as the "No Name Antique block from Sue Garman's blog". LOL!

Hope you enjoy whatever you are doing. 

Until next time ...  



  1. Yes I can see the swirl! It's very faint, gradual and mesmerizing...Hypnotic! I couldn't stop looking...LOL! Oh just love the quilt that's why I couldn't stop looking.

  2. I don't know what it is about this but I really like it! Guess I have to put this on my todo list. L

  3. Oui j'entrevois le tourbillon !! C'est trop beau......tu es confrontée au même problème que moi : la bordure....Bonne continuation ce weekend !
    Et au fait, la photo est toujours aussi gigantesque dans le post précédent mais ainsi, je peux voir de plus près ton super travail! ;)
    C'est cool !!

  4. Love your swirls!! Such a gorgeous quilt!!

  5. Love the swirls! Excellent choice! I can't wait to see it with the borders!

  6. Hello Chantal! Glad you have your technical problems sorted out. I really enjoyed seeing more pictures of this truly beautiful quilt! :) xx

  7. A cool quilt! I like seeing all the different arrangements, and I think I prefer the ones where the colors pool together. Might be an interesting block to do for a Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

  8. Beautiful and creative. Warm greetings et bonjour de Montreal, Canada. :) Je suis anglaise mais je parle francais. :)

  9. You've had lots of playing with this gorgeous quilt. I love the swirls!

  10. looks great... so many ways of doing it...


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