Monday, 6 July 2015


Yep! Still here. Been busy with life, family, volunteer works and some fun too. It can't all be work right? :D

Not enough time to blog but did have I had time to sew? Well no and YES!

Google was so happy to spit it out to my face point out that

my birthday is in June, a child of the Moon is what I am (as is Eleanor Burns, quilt in a day guru). Funny how the number I feel like never changes in my mind but keeps going up on my driver's licence lol.

Anywho! Unknown to me, I decided to buy myself a birthday gift. :D  It was really a fast and furious love affair right then and there, IN the store!

I spend my BD with my BFF and we went shopping. She needed a new sewing machine. We looked over the ones she thought of buying and I informed her of the good, the bad and the ugly points of them. When we got at the back of the store we saw the deal of the day!!! There was only three left. At 50% off, I suddenly found myself in need of a newer sewing machine too. So we each got one. A good friend never lets her friend have fun alone right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

So if I hadn't blog much lately, blame her.

She is a Brother INNOV-IS NX 450. Not exactly a new machine since she is two years old (the reason why they were at the back of the store: they are the classroom's machines, all refurbished and comes with a warranty too!) but she is new to me and that means I have some learning to do. She is such a techie and automatic little thing that she kind of intimidated me at first. I spent most of my free time with her and now we are having so much fun.  Yes, of course I will show you what we've concocted but not just yet.  I am learning her language and my project aren't so ... shall I say, nice? LOL.

She has many accessories in her luggage, including a free motion foot. I am having fun trying them out and making a mess of it all lol. With the deal comes two days of free class time where they will show us how to use all of its options to the max but I can't wait. I have wasted invested an entire bobbin of thread already in my apprenticeship. Free motion quilting is fun but just like learning how to ride a bicycle, you do fall every now and again lol.

DH had fun too over the weekend, driving this little baby around  ...

and took this one for a spin too 

But what I wanted to drive was in my sewing room lol.

Last week was very intense with a lot of things on the "Commitment List" of things to-do, so today I have a day off. Yeah!! More time to sew up some simple blocks so I can FMQ them. Oh! Shot!! Just remembered I need to clean too. Darn!!!

Hope you have a chance to enjoy some sewing too.

Until next time ... ssssssSMiLE ... all the way to the sewing machine!



  1. Clean? Who has time to clean when there's sewing to be done? ha! Yay for the new machine ... I can't wait to see what you've done with her.

  2. I agree: no time to clean, get sewing! Lovely machine; keep practising the FMQ, it gets better steadily!

  3. Je te souhaite un Joyeux Anniversaiiiiiire !! avec du retard !! Tu as eu raison de te faire ce joli cadeau ! Wow une Brother !! Avec ça, le ménage passe au second rang et la couture au premier ! LOL !
    Profite bien de ta machine et montre-nous vite ce que tu vas faire avec !!
    Gros bisous !

  4. Hi Chantal. I've been pretty busy myself and haven't dropped by. It's nice to share in your new sewing machine joy.

  5. What a lovely treat! I am looking forward to seeing what you produce and do take that class, I am sure you will learn a lot. xx


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