Sunday, 12 July 2015

They have fallen

Yesterday, we cut down the pines standing between our house and the neighbor's. Today, we remove the stumps.

Planted ten years ago, they were getting pretty big. About 5 years ago, the neighbor planted a cedar edge really close to the pines. Last year, we thought the pines were in a bad shape. The lower branches lost their needles and so we decided to cut them down this year.

The boys stripped the branches away and stacked them up.

Those piles kept growing and growing and there's pine cones everywhere.

Some pine cones are blue!! The trees were black spruce so I guess I should say the cones are black.
To me, this picture is very sad. My little private trail is gone. Notice how his edge is dying too. I think the trees were too close and were killing each other.

Before cutting them down, we made sure there was no nest in them. The birds were circling overhead, flying low sometimes as if to say, "hey what have you done? I use this tree you know?!!" I find it very sad. I feel like throwing a quilt on this mess ...

Yes, much better lol.

Today, for slow Sunday stitching, I will add some diamonds to the hexie quilt.

This is a picture of last June and

this is now. By last June, I don't mean last month but really LAST June like 2014 last June. Yep!! Did seven and a half rows in one year. Boy, I sure didn't work much on it this past winter. Whatever!! There's no deadline on this one. I think it needs about 10 to 15 more rows before I call it quit. We'll see.

I am joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching and hope you will too.

Until next time...



  1. It is sad about the trees but new light will bring new growth.... something else will sprout instead! Love your quilt... it is looking great! :) x

  2. Your hexagons are coming along slowly, but that should be OK: slow and steady wins the race, and you're heading for a finish sometime. Unfortunately the trees have come to their finish, but lets hope the neighbour's hedge gets a new lease of life a a result.

  3. C'est toujours triste de couper un arbre....nous devons en faire couper un aussi chez nous, qui a séché et je repousse toujours le moment, mais il faudra bien s'y résoudre !
    Très joli quilt Chantal ! Objectif atteint alors !! Bravo !

  4. Very sad about the poor trees!

    Your quilt is much work and time into it thus far.

  5. I love the progress on your quilt! It is simply stunning!

  6. You've made quite a bit of progress in the last year ... hexies are definitely a long-term project. Are you EPPing yours?

  7. It's gorgeous! And it makes any "sad mess" invisible!

  8. I always feel sad when trees need to be chopped down too.... you will soon fill the space with something special I'm sure... meanwhile the quilt looks stunning on the branches...


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