Monday, 21 September 2015

Ah! Monday and its promise.

On Mondays, I usually decide what I will work on during the week (I promise to finish ...). Sometimes I do what I have planned to do and sometimes ... Plan B comes into the sewing room, ...  then Plan C, ... then Plan @#*#&  I-give-up!!! shows up.  I think that's what happen to this one.

 Hey look! No blue in this one lol. 

Started in June 2013, it is time for the blocks to see the light again and to share their plan with me. What does this quilt want?  Big sashing? Cornerstones? No sashing?

  Large border? Yellow?
The original Plan was to make a grey and yellow quilt. I love grey and yellow together. Because of my lack of yellows back then, it morphed (Plan B) into grey - yellow - orange - charcoal quilt lol.
How about more blocks?
  I have 6 rows of 4 blocks deep .... plus one and a few already cut but no whites. That's when Plan I-give-up showed up. :^D

Com'on, quilt! Talk to me!

Hot Wheels block

While we take our time to decide here, why don't you hop to Judy's place at Patchwork Times for more Design Wall Monday. Don't forget to check out Love, Laugh, Quilt for more Monday Making fun! Enjoy!

Until next time .... ;^)


  1. Great blocks, I think they look cool without sashing. Love the color scheme, too!

  2. Hey Chantal !!
    J'adore !! Je t'encourage vivement à terminer ce beau quilt et le mélange noir, gris et jaune avec du orange, est absolument magnifique !!
    As-tu besoin de jaunes ? veux-tu que je t'aide ?

  3. Looks brilliant to me without the sashing - I love the colour scheme. xx

  4. Looks beautiful! Look forward to seeing what you decide. ;)

  5. Hi Chantal, I think your project looks great as everyone is saying without a border. If you like square quilts I think a finish 6x6 would be ideal. It seems to fit in with the block. I have some of those same yellow/white/pink fabrics. Sandi
    p.s. My project Komatose with the bright colors has been so much fun sewing with. I'm hoping to get back to it tonight.

    1. not yellow/white/pink...don't know where pink came into the typing...meant black!

  6. Love this quilt Chantal. I'm with the others - no sashing. That should make it easier, right? You don't say how big the blocks are, but from here they look about 10". In that case you could make the quilt 5 x 5, which is plenty big enough to wrap around your knees or shoulders in front of the TV, and that would also make it easier ;) as you have enough blocks made for that. As for borders. You'd have to show us a few examples of what you have before we could make a suggestion. But on the face of it, I rather like it as is. Too easy!!

  7. Oh I really like this! I like them without sashing...such a nice pattern.

  8. Oh I really like this! I like them without sashing...such a nice pattern.

  9. C'est très joli, j'aime beaucoup ce bloc et ce mélange de couleurs, parfait. XXX

  10. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about followingeach other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)

  11. You select such wonderful, graphic, visually interesting project! Great taste, as well as your fabrics. Whatever your choice it will be fantastic!

  12. I happen to like your color combo. The orange and darker grey look great. But I like orange. And I agree. No sashing.


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