Saturday, 19 September 2015

Shopping! ... and some sewing ...

The sewing is mostly to come since I didn't have much sewing time this week. I will share a little bit of what I did. But first, the purchases.

Look at this fantastic fabric! Oh I love it. And look at that price: $1.99! Wow! So happy. It is almost half a meter long so I have enough to bind a quilt. Have you guessed which quilt I will use it on? The RSC quilt! Yes! Still not sure about the border but already have the binding, hihihi!  

I did two more orange blocks for the RSC just because I have plenty of orange. 

I do have this fabric in all colour ways but I haven't used the green one. Why didn't I used the green? I must hunt for it because I know I've bought green in this print. 

Okay back to the purchase: I also bought some flannel because I still have two crumb quilts to do so ...

Two or three dollars a piece; some are more than half a meter or just half a meter. I also bought something I usually don't buy... 

Purple!! Funny how the camera keeps bring it up as blue. I must have taken a dozen pictures of this fabric and this is the best I can do and it is even not close to the real colour. It is truly purple like Eggplant purple! It is so beautiful and this one is cotton so ... More quilts! :^D 

Linking with Angela at SoScrappy for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015.

Hope you have more sewing time than I. Enjoy! 

Until next time ... ;^)


  1. Beautiful additions to your stash. I think that I used to have that same striped pattern. It will make a great binding.

  2. LOVE that rainbow stripe!! Thanks for posting it because I'm going shopping next week (on the way to a Quilt Retreat.) I needed a reminder to look for striped fabrics.

  3. What lovely fabrics! I can't believe that stripe for a mere $1.99! Bingo! Hope you can get in a little stitching this weekend yet.

  4. Ooh, some lovely fabrics! It is such a joy to fabric shop! Sounds like you have a plan for them which is always a good thing. Have a great weekend and get lots of sewing done!

  5. That rainbow fabric was a real bargain and just gorgeous! All lovely bargains and your purply/blue is beautiful. xx

  6. Tu as fait de très beaux achats de tissus et qu'elle affaire avec le tissu rayé tel un arc-en-ciel !! Il est superbe et ira très bien avec ton quilt !

  7. I have trouble photographing purple, too. And reds, oh my!
    I love that stripy binding - it's going to be perfect for your rsc quilt.

  8. Love your fabrics. Great prints. My camera makes purple look blue, too.


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