Sunday, 20 September 2015

Finish Sunday and some Slow Stitching

I started this quilt in 2011. My sewing machine was not working well (a cheap 1990 Singer that landed in the garbage!) and yet I've kept at it. It resulted in a poor craftmanship if you look closely ... so I won't take close up pictures hihihi!!
This block called Milky Way, along with many other names, has inspired me to name the quilt "Far Away".  The quilt was made during a hard episode in my life.  I had lost my job which I so loved. I got very depressed and my hand quilting do show my state of mind. By calling it Far Away, I ask those feelings to stay far away from me.
It has a border on two sides only as I wanted it longer and not square. (It is sideways on the clothesline.) It finishes at 78 X 86 inches.

Snowflakes, trucks, green frogs and soccer balls, every scrap of flannel I had went in it.

Dinosaures playing baseball, spiderwebs and even Sponge Bob got selected. (To my defence; it's orange fabric!)  :^D

Even the binding fabric got in the game. Brown frogs and a coffe cup too.

Love the scrappy-ness!! It will join the other quilts we have for movie night! I recall when one quilt was enough for the entire family. Now that I am the shortest person in the family, we each need a quilt. Some things change too fast for my liking. Oh well!

Now that the binding is all done on this one (it feels good to cross a project of the UFO list!), what will I be working on today for Slow Sunday Stitching ?
Well, I want to hand quilt Cascadia Doll Quilt which was a quilt-a-long with Lori at Humble Quilts.
 Lori started a new quilt-a-long which I will make so I want to finish Cascadia. I did a little bit of quilting, then stopped. I removed the stitches and the backing I used because the fabric is too thick and is hard to hand quilt.
It's a lovely fabric but not for hand quilting. Now to find something else. There is always the quilt of the century I can play with...

Row 31 is red. The fun continues!

How about you? Playing with scraps? Hand stitching something? Join us at

Cynthia's place "Quilting is More Fun than Housework" for "Oh Scrap" and at

Kathy's place "Kathy's Quilts" to see more beautiful projects in the making.

Until next time .... ;^)


  1. Hurray for scrappy finishes! I think your quilt looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing it with Oh Scrap!

  2. You can remember how far you've come whenever you look at the Faraway quilt. Your hexie quilt is so pretty. Enjoy your stitching today! Blessings, Gretchen

  3. Congrats! on your newly completed quilt. Filled with scrappy goodness AND hand quilted, too!! :o))

  4. LOVE all the fun fabrics in that scrappy Milky Way!

  5. I also love your scrappy Milky Way quilt! I always think quilts like that look so happy!

  6. Alors là..... J'adore ton scrap ! Il est absolument magnifique et il est ma preuve bien vivante que l'on peut mettre ce que l'on veut comme tissu dans un quilt !
    Tu vivais un moment difficile dans ta vie et je suppose que d'y ajouter certains tissus très gais t'a aidé à aller mieux....j'en suis bien désolée...
    Gros bisous Chantal et bon dimanche !

  7. Sorry about associating the quilt with bad memories...I can certainly relate. while making my Celtic Solstice I was going through a very challenging time, which left me with never wanting to look at that quilt again..still haven't quilted it.
    Love your Hexies! I have hexies going too..
    Debra in Ma...a Bonniac

  8. Lovely scrappy quilt. Congratulations on finishing it - and on getting past the bad times.

  9. Oh I love the story of Far Away! It served a very important purpose and I am sure will always be a special quilt. So glad you got thru that hard time in your life and have moved forward. You have some really great projects going!

  10. I'd never thought of Milky Way for a scrap quilt, but it works very well! Visiting from Oh Scrap! claire aka knitnkwilt

  11. Far Away is awesome! I have used quilting to help me get through depressing times - nothing like fabric therapy for soothing a troubled mind and spirit!

  12. I too remember when we all fitted under one quilt. I am the second shortest in our family now. Only my daughter is a little bit shorter than me. There are four men in the family that are taller and we need our own quilts. I love making quilts and afghans for them. Lovely work Chantal. I love the hexie quilt growing!

  13. What a beautiful quilt! And so comfy-cozy, too. I hope you are the one who gets to cuddle under it on movie night!

  14. A great finish there Chantal - a lovely feeling to have it done I am sure. xx

  15. Congrats on finishing your Far Away quilt... it is a great I SPY quilt that the next generation will really have fun with. And they will never know how much heartache this quilt helped you through!


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