Saturday, 12 September 2015

Orange September

Like so many of you, I am working with orange. These are the blocks I have done so far.

The orange is not singing in this picture as it is in real life because, well, I am a poor photographer but also because it is a very grey rainy day here. Meaning, it was fun playing with such a cheerful colour this morning, like cheddar, and pumpkin, and polka-dot, and plaid, oh yes!

While playing with the blocks, I started to ponder about a border. Not exactly sure what I will do but I think it needs some HST in its border. Maybe?

Well, I am making HST. This coming week will find me revisiting the rainbow, pulling out all fabrics used so far to cut one more piece of each colour.  

Wish I had thought about that in January lol.

So this is my orange story for now. See more orange fun at Angela's place aka SoScrappy.

Until next time ...



  1. Cute orange fabrics in your pinwheels and HSTs! Looking forward to seeing how everything comes together!

  2. Waaaa...presque un post par jour !! Tu fais fort ! :)
    Rien à dire sur ces belles couleurs sauf que.....j'adoooore !! J'adore les oranges et ton top va être super beau !

  3. I love your pinwheels. I'm going to look through my scraps and do something with my orange fabrics.

  4. Very pretty blocks ! It's hard to photograph on gray days and then some days are too sunny and there's too many shadows...harder to photograph indoors than out, I know that for sure.

    Still these bright cheerful colors are coming across very nicely :)

  5. Having a border plan in place in January would have taken all the fun out of playing with fabric again. Your blocks look beautiful together.

  6. I love the movement the scattering of pinwheels give your quilt (in progress!) What if you turn those additional HSTs into MORE pinwheels around the border? That might work well. Pinwheels for the points and color patches for the pinwheels? SEW many decisions, have FUN!!!

  7. I love your quilt soooooo much! And I think the HSTs will make a perfect border. (And I wouldn't have thought of it in January, either. As a matter of fact, I haven't given one moment's thought to the border on my quilt. Uh oh...)

  8. Lovely orange and your collection are looking amazing! Not sure I could find much orange in my stash. xx

  9. Nice pinwheels, I really like the look of this quilt, with all your blocks laid out.

  10. I love the way the blocks come together to create the light and dark diamonds. Enjoy planning a border and playing in the scraps again.

  11. Wow. I love how these blocks look together in rainbow colors.


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