Saturday, 6 February 2016

Brown Peace and Plenty of Brown - RSC, Going West and Reuse

What?  Brown Peace?  you ask.

I tried really, reeeaaalllllllly hard to find some decent brown for "Peace and Plenty" block. The problem is (or should I say problems are?) the background fabrics.

I auditioned ...
homespun that friend Pink gave me ...  No!

coffee cups ...


I love dots ...

 Not !
How about sometime like ...

What? It's even not from the same century! No, no, no, no! It has to be fun or lively or just a solid brown. 

But I don't have a solid brown!! How about ...

Paw prints? That is a fun one.


(Siiiiggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!) Ok I give up.

I am leaving!!

I am leaving ...

for the West!    :^D  ...

with Barbara Brackman in a quilt-along called "Westering Women". The first block proposed by Barbara is "Indenpendence Square". These are the fabrics I have picked for this block.

I swear I had those picked before Angela showed Vicky's beautiful hand-died fabrics on her blog. Life is funny sometime. (It looks like Napolitan Ice Cream to me, lol.)

Anywho! Here's my block.

Now I have to wait an ENTIRE month before I can work on that quilt. Sigh again!

So, to keep my sewing machine well fed, I worked on this.

a basket!! :^D

And a zippered pouch! :^D

all in brown! (with a touch of purple as I had none with pink in it.)

The zipper for the pouch came from an old bag I had. The zipper went around three sides and had lost a "hook" (is that what its called in English?) and kept coming undone. So I took the bag apart and shorten the zipper with the dress fabric. (Sorry, forgot to take pictures as I was sewing it.)

I think the corners turned out not too bad for a first try. I am happy with this one. I used up some older fabric inside and outside for the pouch. Yeah! It will hold the crayons I use to mark quilts as the other bag is not up for that job anymore lol.

Here's the bag that got its zipper removed. Didn't take a picture of the before but the above picture gives you an idea of what it looked like in the beginning. I sew a bias tape all around so it can still be used.
Only the lid will be thrown out. I like that.   :^D

Group photo!So this was my week in the sewing room.

Okay, your turn now.


Linking up with Angela for Rainbow Scrap Challenge with more brown inspiration and plenty of Ohs and Ahs!

Until next time ...



  1. Personally, I like the dots. How committed are you to that Mickey scrap? He is a bit of an attention grabber, sweet mouse that he is...... Anyway, great work on the care and feeding of your machine this week - you have been busy!!

  2. Well, you kept busy with browns, even if none ended up in your peace and plenty. Good luck in your quest!
    I love the bag/basket/pouch group shot! Everyone say 'cheese'! (Dites fromage?)

  3. I really like that Independence Square block! That's a new one for me. Hope you have bette luck this week with your peace and plenty blocks!

  4. It does look like you are having fun with brown. I love the little basket.

  5. I think the paw print fabric works. Sorry that you weren't pleased with your options. Nice group shot... better yet that you found a way for that cooler bag to remain outside the landfill!!!

  6. Sometimes our stash doesn't have the fight fabric. Then it's time to go shopping or swap out with a quilting buddy.

  7. In the grand scheme of a whole quilt I think any of the Peace and Plenty would look good...I'm partial to tea cups, though.

  8. Sometimes, no matter how many fabrics we have, it seems there is no perfect to make a block. Love your Independence Square. Did you try that brown for the Peace and Plenty block? You sewed great itens.

  9. Hope you find just the perfect brown. Until then, I am loving your Neapolitan Ice cream block.

  10. The right brown must be out there somewhere, just don't give up. Good job on the bags, clever solutions with three good results.

  11. I like all of these browns. I do think it is the background stars fabric that doesn't go with them. Love the other projects you are making. That is the benefit and disadvantage of BOMs - one block at a time, lots of time to do it, but long long wait.

  12. I am going to send the link to your blog to a friend. I just watched her make up the Independence block on Friday. She is sewing along too. Love your colours.


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