Tuesday, 2 February 2016

OMG Time

Yes it is time to link up with Red Letter Quilts with a project (or some projects)  you wish to finish during the month.

As for me, February will see me finishing  the Garden Fence quilt even if I have to sweat bullets!

I've been working on and off on this one since I dug it out of the drawer in the middle of September, when it was still just blocks.

It has been assembled and about one third of it is quilted. 

At the end of December, I started to machine quilt it.  It's still squeezed under the needle of my little Janome sewing machine, waiting and begging for some of my time. Well enough is enough, The time is NOW.

Until next time ...



  1. You NEED to finish this one! It's gorgeous! Love the pattern and your fabric choices!
    Good luck!

  2. Oh your stitching on this is great! Hope you'll have lots of detail shots at the end of the month!

  3. Et bien non ! Cela ne veut pas dire "Oh My God !" ... Ton quilt est absolument fabuleux !! Moi aussi je quilte.....OMG ! Là je peux le dire !! LOL !

  4. I really love your pretty quilt!! I once gathered some yellows, thinking to make a quilt like this...you are tempting me!!

  5. What a pretty quilt. You sound determined enough to get it done!!!! That is fantastic. I am busy quilting a top that is about 13 years old. Enough already - time to just get it done. Good luck Chantal, I'll be cheering for you!

  6. Go, Chantal, go! You can do it! 8)

  7. Hi Chantal. We'll be quilting along together. Your quilting looks so pretty! I'm rooting for you and looking forward to seeing your finish.

  8. I love that quilt... keep quilting ... it looks great

  9. This is a beautiful quilt. Love the colors!

  10. Bon courage pour le quilting car ce quilt est très très beau. Tu vas y arriver.


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