Sunday, 14 February 2016

Sew slow tidying

For Slow Sunday Stitching, I am tidying up some loose ends. Literally!

It does involve threads and ...

a needle. 

It is a slow process made by hand.

So I hope it counts as slow "stitching" because this is what I have to do today whenever I find a  free moment. There's a gazillion of these threats to pull in so I'll still do this during tv time this evening.

Until next time ...


Joining Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. It is slow stitching. Have fun burying your threads.

  2. Aren't those ends a pain? I always seem to miss some too. So tempting to snip them off! That is actually what the teacher told us to do, and I used to just snip them but then after a year or two of use, I realised some of the quilting was drifting apart so now I sew the ends in.

  3. It definitely counts as slow stitching in my book!

  4. and it counts as slow stitching in my book as well. Good luck with it.

  5. Oh boy! I don't envy you. That has to be one of my least favorite jobs! It does mean though that a project is nearly done which is wonderful indeed.

  6. Good luck with what is clearly slow stitching! 8)

  7. Yes... it's a slow job, but it's a perfect job to do while watching TV

  8. Je n'ai pas tout compris je l' tu as des soucis avec ton quilting, bon courage mon amie !

  9. Burying threads is never my favourite part of quilting but it does mean that you are one step closer to having a wonderful quilt to snuggle under.

  10. Always good to keep the fingers busy during tv viewing. Looks like some nice even us the front! Sandi


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