Monday, 29 February 2016


I enjoyed the 365 Challenge in January. In February, my progress was stalled by another quilt which needed to be Free Motion quilted. I knew if I changed the foot on the sewing machine, that the FMQ foot wouldn't go back on fast enough for me to finish the quilt before the end of the month. See this post for more clarification.  Now that the regular sewing foot is on, my daily dose of 3 inches blocks may resume. Yeah!

In perspective, January saw me playing with these little cuties.

The 31 blocks required 371 pieces. Oh yes, the girl is keeping track as I think this is really a once-in-a-life-time kind of quilt. Wouldn't you agree?

February started on the right foot for the first four days.

Then it landed on the FMQ foot! I was able to assemble a few blocks more today.

I now have 7 made for February and so many more to do before I can catch up... if ever I catch up!!

Now, let's look at another perspective please. The back!!

Yes, the ugly back.

Here's block 2 and 3 in the second picture from the top. They have 42 (right) and 37 (left) pieces.  But they are so cute ... from the front!

Let's have another look at them, on the wall ...

accompagnied by the RSC2016 block (24 pieces) and the Westering Women block (33 pieces) which finish at 12 inches. It puts things in a different perspective, wouldn't you say?

Let's see how many pieces the 365 Challenge has required so far, shall we?

In January, like I've said, I have sewn  371 pieces.

For those of you who are up to date with the 365 Challenge, I'll tell you this:


You have sewn  469 pieces for February. If you have made the block called Four Queens (which has 101 pieces) you have a grant total of 941 pieces for January and February. Like I said: Congrats!! 

Another perspective :

Winter has been harsh and they are coming out of the woods. No matter what you drive, mooses are big animals. This amazing picture comes from Pinterest and I thought it explains so much. So please drive slowly, be on the lookout for them and you'll be able to spare a life or two; its and yours!  Have a great week everyone.

Until next time ...


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  1. OK, so I have to start back with the challenge. I congratulate you on being so disciplined.

  2. Well, congratulations to you too for getting so far! I'm sure I would have given up after a few days! xx

  3. We can do it! We'll be caught up in no time! No, really!
    I used to see lots of moose when I lived in Vermont - it really taught me to drive carefully. 8)

  4. Un grand bravo pour tes blocs Chantal ! De la discipline n'y a que cela pour avancer ! Lol !
    Je fais aussi les blocs de BB en 12" comme toi ! Ton premier est aussi très réussi !
    Bonne continuation !

  5. Hi Chantal, I received your message about the OMG linkup and am not sure what went wrong! I came here to respond since you are a no-reply blogger. Hopefully you will not have difficulty linking up next month!

    Lots of blocks going on here, and I love the moose shot!

  6. I am so impressed by your tiny tiny pieces and so many of them. Great work Chantal.

  7. These are teeny tiny blocks but oh so beautiful! You are tempting me more and more, but I am farther and farther behind as I haven't started any. I am collecting the patterns and do hope to sneak in a block or two now and again.

  8. how gorgeous are those blocks... I am happy when I get that many pieces in a 6" block! wow....

  9. very nice little blocks! i am loving this sew along a LOt but haven't yet counted pieces...but i knew there were tons...


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