Saturday, 15 April 2017

A quick update

In February I have announced the (older) fabrics I would be playing with in my RSC2017. (You can see them here.) I also said that I might add a few more along the way. Well, here's the latest addition.

Don't even know what to call this fabric, beside perfect for April, the multi-colored month.

One block got made in purple ...

and one block got a mistake.
The middle 4-Patch isn't standing up right. The white piece should be on top. I should pay more attention to my own tutorial, lol. (See tutorial for this block here)

Join Angela at Soscrappy to see all the lovely Rainbow Scrap Challenge projects.

Until next time ...



  1. Perfect fabric for this month Mistake? Who never?

  2. Fixing mistakes is never fun, but we're always happier when we do! I love that neat background fabric!

  3. Oops! (My seam ripper is my best friend, I swear. I certainly hang out with it a lot...)
    I love your block, and that multicolor is a real winner!

  4. Yes, just the perfect fabric. I am going to give this month a miss as I don't see it fitting with my final plan and also we are away and I have such a lot of other things to get on with. Happy Easter Chantal. xx

  5. That's a very nice block, Chantal, and it's a pity about the mistake. Are you really considering unpicking? I'm not in favour of changing things round, unless it upsets the larger design (in an Irish Chain I would remove a wayward 4-patch!).

  6. Your multi-coloured fabric works perfectly! I love that Angela has included these sometimes difficult-to-use fabrics into the RSC.

  7. This was the perfect month for that fabric. Don't worry about that block being wrong. No one will ever know but you!

  8. Ugh!! Block meets seam ripper time? Or... Humility block and just leave it!!

  9. I use my seam ripper so often I honestly think I've worn it out and need a new one! You get an A for effort anyway!

  10. Multicolour can be a challenge.... yours has made up well. well done spotting your mistake - I would never have noticed

  11. Very pretty blocks! I need to get back to my rainbow blocks!


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