Saturday, 1 April 2017

Rip red or R.I.P. Red ?

March is gone and so is red. Really?

Last year, I worked on some framed 9 Patch block that I spotted on Lynn Dykstra's blog.

I thought the idea was perfect since I have some solids that haven't seen the sewing machine since this quilt, in 2004!

 So I did four and decided to add this project to the RSC2017.  As I was writing last Saturday's post, I realized that I haven't done any in red yet ... or aqua ...  or purple. Oops!

So this past week I got busy on these and started to cut solid red with some old pink dotted fabric. 

Since the "wanna be plaid" blue was out, I cut into that one too. It looks good in red. 

And one with whatever flower that is on black. 

Have you noticed my blooper? 

I didn't! Honestly!  I didn't notice anything wrong until I got to the final pressing of the blocks. Dang! In this layout, the solid colour is the one with the 5 pieces in the 9 Patch, not four!  I remember the first time I did these blocks, I did exactly the same mistake. I guess I haven't learned the lesson very well, lol. 

Angela announced the new color for April as multicolored and look, the two last blocks qualify for March AND April. Bonus!!

So, for April, I'll work on these in purple too as they will be accompanied with colourful fabrics. Won't do Aqua or Teal because I have none in the solid bin. 

But first, I have to unstitch those three rascals. 

Joining Angela for Rainbow Scrap Challenge
Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps! 

Until next time .... rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip .... 



  1. Ooops! Looks like your fabrics played an April Fool's joke on you!
    (And they're so pretty, too. Who would suspect them?)

  2. Wow...I love your quilt. I have been trying to think of ways to use solids and I think I know what I am going to make now. ;) I have a few quilts to finish up first though!

  3. Oopsie doo! I didn't notice it until you pointed it out. They would go on a pieced back nicely.

  4. Well, there is an alternative strategy, just say you planned it that way and make more blocks just like these three! A bit different quilt, but scrappy nonetheless.

  5. Avant toute chose, je peux te dire que j'ai bien ri de ton poisson d'Avril hier !! :) :) :))))
    J'adore ce nouveau bloc que tu es en train de faire et ton quilt va ĂȘtre superbe !! Gros bisous !

  6. Easily done making that mistake! I didn't notice it either!

  7. Those are fun blocks, Chantal! A perfect use for your leftove solids and some "April" kinds of prints! Maybe you can make enough in both versions, that it will look like you planned it that way!

  8. hoo boy... easy mistake. I'd be tempted to keep the bloopers for another project and make ones anew. Pretty goal for you though. LeeAnna

  9. I had a peek at Lynn's blog and I like how these bordered nine-patch are going to look all sewed up, really nice. I like Kathy's idea of saving these errant pieces for the back instead of picking them out.

  10. If you sew, so shall you rip!! Quilter's rule.

  11. I will only rip them if there is no other scrap I can use. Think about use these three blocks for a different layout.

  12. Oh what a shame! Not sure I can do anything for this multicolour month but as we are away again maybe I will just pass.... I agree with Ivani - make some more and use these for something else. xx

  13. I have a sample block of my nine patches taped right above my machine so I don't make that mistake. I hate ripping out - I would just start a new quilt :)

  14. great blocks... I'm sure your ooopsie is already sorted...

  15. Just make these the alternate blocks. Some with 5 solids, some with 4. Wonder how that would look.

  16. I agree, don't pick them apart. They could be part of an orphan block improv or a nice small quilt. Or pretend they were supposed to be that way. We won't tell


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