Saturday, 8 April 2017

Buckwheat Block Tutorial (photo heavy)

The Buckwheat block attracted much attention among the viewers, so I thought a little tutorial would be welcome.

White : (2) 2.5" squares and (3) 3" squares
Yellow:  (2) 3" squares

Color of the month: (2) 2.5" squares and (4) 3" squares (let's pretend it's green month)
Constant color: (5) 3" squares (mine is blue in this tutorial)

Sew the 2.5 squares into a 4 Patch. Press.

Then, with the color of the month 3" squares and the constant color 3" squares we need to make HSTs. Use the method you are comfortable with.  Trim down to 2.5" square. The last constant color square will be cut diagonally once.
Sew two HSTs together. Pay attention to the orientation of the color of the month (green). Yes, this is the tricky part that might force you to use your seam ripper. Fair warning. Two units with the color of the month facing right (bottom) and two units with the color of the month facing left (top).

On to the whites and yellows. Cut all squares diagonally once. Put one white square aside (two triangles). Keeping the same color on the right, sew them two by two on the short end. Press.

Now, we are ready to assemble the block.
Here we go.

To the HST units with the color of the month (green) facing right, add a constant color to the right and a white triangle to the left. Press. Add a white/yellow unit at the bottom. Remember, the green has to be facing right. The whites have to be side by side.
Make two units.

To the HST units with the color of the month facing left, add to the 4 Patch. But NOT on whichever side. Hold the 4 Patch on point with a white square on top. Then sew the HST units on top and at the bottom, making sure that the green doesn't touch the green. Press.

Then add a white/yellow unit to the HST units. Press.

Sew a triangle unit to both sides. Press.

Cut the dog's ears and pat yourself on the back. You are done. The block should measure 9" at this point.
Of course, you may use any colors you wish. You can use scraps for the corners. Anything goes.
So ...

Do not be reasonable.
Do not use sparsely.
Do enjoy.

I use white/yellow in the corner to create a calm pinwheel in the middle. It will be a welcome resting place for the eyes I think.

Until next time ...


P.S. If any parts of this tutorial is not clear, please let me know. Thanks.

Joining Angela for RSC 2017
Joining Cynthia for Oh Scraps!


  1. I like this block, a lot! Thanks for making it easy for us.

  2. Your tutorial is very well done. It's a block with a twist, very interesting.

  3. Those are yummy blocks! I think I said last time I saw them on your blog that I had never seen that block but then I was looking at my Farmer's Wife Sampler which is a UFO and saw that I had actually made a six inch one! Thanks for the tutorial. I love this block and might have to delve into my 30s fabrics and make some.

  4. Its a great block..... I like the way you have incorporated the pinwheel

  5. The name Buckwheat reminds me of The Little Rascals.

  6. Thanks for a great tutorial, Chantal! That's such an interesting block, and I love the pinwheel that is formed when you put some of them together!

  7. Great blocks, thanks for showing how to get one done.

  8. This is a cool block! Well done with the tutorial!

  9. That is an interesting block, and the formation of the pinwheel is nice.

  10. great tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to teach us how to assemble it. Pretty blocks.

  11. This is a great block - thanks for the tutorial! (And oh, dear, this is a great block, which I now want to make. There you go again, tempting me with a new project...)

  12. This is a very pretty block. Thanks for the info.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to create the tutorial - wonderful!

  14. Je l'aime bien ce bloc ! Merci pour ton super tutoriel ! :)

  15. Chantal, you spent a huge amount of time making this fabulous instructional blog post. Thanks!!!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial with oh Scrap! Your blocks are lovely Chantal!


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