Friday, 16 March 2018

Cécile's Little Baskets

Cécile from Patchwork Inspirations, in France, has a quilt-along with little baskets. She has posted a real parade of beautiful basket quilts. Go check it out.

Here are my baskets.  I do have all 16 blocks made but some are still "chained" to the sewing machine. 😁

They are made with little pieces of fabric, those that are too small to join a block. When they come together and get big enough I use them to make the bowl of the basket.

As you can plainly see, I am far from done. I want to add a little sashing so the baskets float in the mini quilt.

I add some color for the cornerstones. (That's why some are still at the sewing machine) Everyone knows that when a block is on point, one needs setting triangles to finish the quilt. Well, I don't have enough of the yellow fabric for that so I need a Plan B. I am thinking little pieces of fabric again. Or maybe strings? Or maybe a more golden-ish fabric? All the baskets' "feet" are made with the same brown fabric. Maybe I could use that? ... No!

Well, I have the weekend to figure it out.  YAY! it's Friday!

I had fun making these little baskets. Thanks Cécile for the QAL. Gros bisous.


Also joining Sarah for Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? 


  1. Those are wonderful little baskets, Chantal! I love how you're putting them together, too. What size is each block?

  2. Ils sont magnifiques ! Bravo Chantal ! Je vais rajouter ta photo sur mon post !
    Merci et gros bisous :)

  3. These are so pretty Chantal. xx

  4. Gorgeous little baskets...

  5. I LOVE how you did your little baskets!! ADORABLE!

  6. I love your sweet little baskets!

  7. Oh! That's a really cute scrap project. Great use of those small bits!!


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