Thursday, 21 June 2018

A little bit of sewing

I machine quilted my Silent Gift mug rug. (See last post to read the beginning of this story. It's a good one.)

Simple in the ditch foot walking. I did both side of the inner border and a diagonal line in the middle. Then I removed the rest of the pins and I found this

Ah! What the @%&$ !!

Since I had fabric to spare I could afford to just cut it off.

Then I worked a little bit with the tweezers and all was okay. But I still hated the diagonal line... ... so out if came. I walked the foot in the ditch around the 9 HSTs in the middle to square it off beautifully.

During lunch break at work, I will hand-sew down the binding. (Ha! during lunch break, hahaha! No you won't. ) It's true that lately the weather is so nice, we usually spend our lunch hour outside. Oh well, I'll find some time.

That's all for today.

You have fun, now you hear.


P.S. Yes, I did try to fix the middle HST. It's still not perfect but fits in much better, in my book anyway. :^D


  1. I hate it when that happens, but it has happened to me many a time. What a lovely quilt. I do hope you get this comment in your email box.

  2. I love that little mug rug! Sweetness abounds, and who among us has not sewn layers of backing together?!

  3. Your tiny triangles are just precious! Have fun on your lunch time!

  4. Love those itty bitty triangles! (You know what a sucker I am for tiny little patches!)
    And I've done that same floppy backing thing. What terrible tricks our projects play on us sometimes!

  5. Hihihi !! J'aurais bien aimé connaître les mots que tu as prononcés en découvrant le dos de ton mug !! Parfois ça arrive !
    Il est bien joli et tes triangles sont bien réussis !

  6. Oh so annoying when that happens - lucky you had plenty of fabric. xx

  7. How cute is that mug rug.... eventually after all that! so annoying when the fabric catches...


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