Saturday, 30 June 2018

A Flimsy in Flannel

Sneaked out to take pictures before the severe thunderstorm break. As soon as I stepped outside my hair hugged my neck like an old bathing cap and my clothes clung to me like Jane Fonda's spandex. Gosh!!! I can't deal with humidity. It is so awwwwful. I am definitively not a flower from the Amazon rain forest. But I wanted to share my flimsy with you so much that I prevailed and walked to the cloth line and hung up my finished top.

Ta-da. It's calling for a red inner border and a pieced border. Something different than the first one. But at least, the center is all done. Yay!

Picture of the first one I made, for reference.

I found something that I hadn't share with you before; it's the RSC yellow (don't know which month yellow was, but here it is.) Yes, I know I am kind of behind ... just a touch, lol.

I noticed that the other blocks have a colored center making them Churn Dash block and not the Hole in the Barn Door block as I was calling them. This one is the real McCoy, lol. No, I'm not gonna change it. :^D

As I am taking this picture, the radio says it is now 32 degrees Celsius but feels like 42. Call me crazy but I'm looking at this block longingly.

Okay, that's enough pictures. I can hear the rolling thunder and I am all sweaty already. Better get back inside. Hope the rain brings some respite.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends.


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  1. Oooh that is such a lovely finish on your quilt; and i love that snowman block--it hit 99 F here today--waaay too hot and tomorrow the humidity comes in here...
    stay cool hugs, Julierose

  2. oh wow string quilts are the best. I like adding a bit of I spy fun fabrics - very nice:)

  3. Great use of scraps! I'm longing for winter weather today too!

  4. I think we all could use a 10-20 degree break from the heat (speaking in fahrenheit now), not to mention the humidity. No showers on our horizon until at least Tuesday, sigh.

  5. So pleased you made the effort to turn into a sweat box for us. .... Looks great.....

  6. Il est super beau ! J'ai toujours eu dans l'idée de faire un quilt en flanelle moi aussi.... un jour certainement !
    Gros bisous Chantal

  7. Beautiful quilt and well worth the trek through humidity to take a picture!

  8. lovely finish and fun star block
    whew - it's been humid here too!

  9. Hot and humid here too - storms promised for tomorrow - so know how you feel. Thanks for making the sacrifice and going out to take the picture - your flimsy looks great! xx

  10. I'm not a fan of humidity either, so I can imagine how you're feeling! Your flimsy is lots of fun and will look wonderful with the borders you're planning!

  11. Look at all those scraps in your pretty quilt tops. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  12. A bright RED inner border will look great on your newly completed flimsy. Between that and the pieced border, the resulting quilt top will be AWESOME!!

  13. Red would be perfect for an inner border!
    And I'm already tired of this heat, for sure. We've been in the 95-100 range all week (35-37.77 in celsius) - Aaaaagh!! I don't like winter at all, but I wouldn't mind a bit of snow right now...


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