Friday, 11 January 2019

A Little Bit of Blues, A Little Bit of Red

You saw these next two blocks in my last post as they were waiting to go under the needle. Here they are in all their glories.

Hit and Miss: 15 pieces; 15 colours.
On the right is Flying X with 24 pieces.

Next is August 20 with a 6.5" block - Fair and Square which is square but not fair as it has some Y-seam that I loath, fear, am reluctant to do. I managed through it somehow.

I don't know what I am doing wrong but it is obviously not right. 

I did only five corners and I am impressed by that. They all needed to be ripped and sew again and again, and only one ended being such a hot mess that I had to cut a fifth one. Not an expert but a pat on the back nevertheless. (I still hate it!)
28 pieces.

Best of All is next. It has 49 pieces. It is a 6.5 inches block but still it makes for small stitching.

August 22 - Vines in the Window with 24 pieces. Back to 3.5" block.

At this stage, it measures 2 5/8 inches and has 20 pieces. 
I truly admire Kathrine who came up with all these blocks. It's easy for me as I have the instruction to follow. What did she had? A headache! She must be a math professor in an university somewhere because this block ... mind boggling.
The centre of this block measures 1-15/16 inches. Since we make units a little bigger, the centre needed some trimming. How do you trim a block to a 15/16 of an inch and keep the X of the hourglass in the middle? You have to trim it down to 2 inches and then trim it again 1/32 of an inch all around. Whhhhaaaaattt????

Kathrine had to figure that by herself. Trials and errors must have abound at her place. Wow!
Here it is, with its last border, measuring 3.5 inches.
Anywho! I manage to survive August 22 and went straight to the 23 which looked easier. It's called Flow Meter.

Somehow I ended up with a bigger pinwheel blade on one side. Will I retouch it? Not sure yet.

Oh! and it has 32 pieces.

Aircraft was easier. Phew! It has 17 pieces and only two colors so it didn't took too long to chose the fabric either.

total 189 pieces for 7 blocks. Now the weekend is here, I'll be able to sew some more little blue blocks. Yay!

My leader/ender with all these blues were some red strings.

Guess what I'm working on? 

Cheers  \_/


P.S. I want to share one more thing. I picked it up from a friend's blog. It is so true. Thanks, Fiona.

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  1. Beautiful work Chantal. These are such small blocks with such tiny pieces. I don't know how you do it.

  2. Those blue blocks are so scary - they make me tired just looking at them. But over that I am so impressed at your perseverance and skill at putting together these tiny blocks

  3. Oh wow !! Tu as super bien travaillé et tes blocs sont supers bien réalisés !!
    Bravo Chantal !
    Tu vas travailler sur le QAL de Lori ?

  4. Is that Good Fortune I see in your future?
    I'm so impressed with your itty bitty blocks! Your perseverance is inspiring!

  5. Such patience with all those tiny pieces. Your Y seams look great! I have yet to make a start on any red, can't make up my mind what to do. Have a good week. xx

  6. I continue to be amazed at your tiny blue blocks! That is quite an accomplishment - for you and yes, the quilt designer, too. Have fun with the relaxing red strings!

  7. J'adore ces tous petits blocs ! Bravo pour la minutie. Des blocs rouges, hummm, RSC 2019 ? ;))

  8. OMG, that one with the narrow little zig-zag border. Eek! I love seeing your work!

  9. What a wonderful batch of RED strings for the RSC (with a side of Good Fortune thrown in!)

  10. Good for you in your lovely blocks with so many pieces.

  11. oh my gosh those blocks are a real challenge but I love how yours are coming along. I'm not that great with Y seams.... I wonder if doing that little bit by hand would be easier? Love your string blocks.... I do want to do them too sometime... Yes, that little cartoon is just perfect..

  12. Another collection of beautiful blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  13. These blocks seem tiny! and fiddly too, but I'm sure they will be worth it in the end. Thank you for linking up with the Peacock Party - and putting my badge on your blog too!

  14. Chantal, I admire your perseverance with these blocks. They all look fantastic to me - well done!


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