Saturday, 18 September 2021

It's a Funny Thing

Memory has the ability to forget. Isn't that funny? 

I forgot how many blocks I had made but I was so convinced there were 12 blocks that I didn't even count them. Ha. 
I looked all over my blog and the last picture I have of Hole in the Barn Door is a 9-blocks picture. 

More blocks were added since that picture but no group picture was taken. At this point, it makes a throw of 47 X 60 inches. I'll push on to get a 4 X 5 layout (60" X 75") for a nice twin-size quilt. I like that better. So 9 more blocks to go. Ironic! 

Do you know that Hole in the Barn Door has a white square in the middle? It didn't take me long to switch to a Shoo Fly/Churn Dash type of block, didn't it? So what now? 

Do I make one quilt with HitBD and one with SF blocks? Or just keep both in one quilt? I sure have enough scraps to make two like this. (Carole brought more scrap bags this week. Yay!) On the other hand, time is short. 

An aqua block has joined the group. 8 more to go. 

I need another red block, or two, a green one, a pale pink (maybe), a yellow-lime, a rusty one, and some blue. :^D 

The last tulip got done too. This quilt is ready to be assembled. Yay! 

My, my! I am so productive lately. Must be Fall. :^D 

Have a great one! 


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  1. J'aime bien le mélange des 2 blocs, HitBD et SF, en un seul top. Et encore une très belle tulipe, oui, quelle productivité !!
    Merci pour le lien dans Patchwork & Quilt link party ;))

  2. I didn't know they were supposed to have a white centre ...
    I like the bright centre better.... But you could mix then into one quilt or name two seperate quilts...... Whatever works....

  3. I miss remember all the time. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I said put them together an alternate but whatever you do I’m sure it would be lovely.

  4. I think your different blocks could still go together in the same quilt! It's those scrappy sides that pull them all together. They're looking good!

  5. The blocks look lovely, I don't mind the mixture of the blocks.

  6. Your Hole in the Barn Door quilt is going to be added to my MUST MAKE list. LOVE it!!!

  7. Love the mix of blocks and the scrappy sides! Will make a ovely quilt!

  8. I didn't know about the white color rule. I would mix and match all the blocks personally. Those blocks look wonderful with the sashing.

  9. I don't see a problem with mixing both blocks. Leaving notes on projects is the only way I can survive trying to come back to finish anything. So easy to forget exactly what was going on! Love the sashing you are using. It ties the blocks together perfectly.

  10. You have a nice pile of blocks now.... its looking great....

  11. I always love this time of year when it is time to assemble all the RSC blocks. I love to see everyone's quilts.

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap.

  12. That scrappy sashing sets off all those blocks so PERFECTLY! Of course I've loved all the blocks with the scrappy piecing too. Although you thought you were done but still needed a few more, you just had to have so much fun making these. Have a great week!

  13. oh they are wonderful anyway you do them

  14. Tes blocs sont très beaux !! Bravo !

  15. Love the aqua block. I think there's no problem mixing the 2 blocks, and the scrap sashing will join then so well.


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