Saturday, 4 September 2021

Back to Sewing

It's a long weekend and I intend to sew! I hope the weather will let me sew outside again this year. 

I am late to the party because I don't have much to show again and thought of skipping making a post.  😊

Going back to the office meant less sewing time. Having to make black masks for DS2 meant not much "interesting" sewing done. Haha! Son changed job and at the new place, he can only wear black masks. I had bought (a while back ... ok, long ago) 2 yards of black cotton to make a quilt. It is now relegated to mask making. 🙄

I did cut into the mask panel and did a few of those for me. 

Some HSTs ... of course

... and a second aqua tulip block. That is all I did in the last two weeks.  

How about some real flowers, like those around my house. 

My very first Dahlia. Every time I planted this tuber plant, the chipmunk would eat it. Now that the big green-eye monster lives with us, the chipmunk left the dahlia alone. Horray for Raven! 

Don't know what this is but it grows wild and quite tall behind the shed. It's actually cute. 

My Rudbeckia (aka Black Eye Susan) around the clothesline post. They enjoyed all the rain we had this year. 

September's colour is ORANGE! No kidding I'll have more sewing to show you next Saturday. 😁 Can't wait to dig in. Stay tuned! 

My Personal UFO Rainbow Challenge is Hole in the Barn Door from 2016. The blocks were made with tiny little bits of whatever fabric and the colour of the month. Don't know if I need more blocks or not. I'll look at it this weekend. 

Whatever the outcome, there's always something pleasant in each day. Enjoy it!


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  1. It looks like you did a LOT of sewing for someone who had no time to sew, Chantal. LOVE that scrappy Hole in the Barn Door block!! Looking forward to seeing that top (finally) come together.

  2. Your masks are cute! And I love your flowers, pieced and real.

  3. Understandable that going back to the office would impose on your energy for sewing. I haven't done much all summer because it's been too hot in my studio (no AC). The blue flowers are wild asters. I think they attract lots of pollinators and they are pretty. Love the cat whiskers and smile masks.

  4. Mask-making takes up time, and isn't all that fun either! But the panel makes some cute ones. I like your turquoise tulip, and pretty flowers, too!

  5. Your purple flower looks like it is from the Astor family. Going back to the office sure does infringe on sewing time! You've accomplished loads for working too! Love your orange churn dash block!

  6. I think you got a lot done this weekend. I hope you are spending more time at your machine this weekend. Thanks for linking up with oh Scrap!

  7. work does cut into sewing time a bit... but at least some is done and you have some prettiness in the garden too...

  8. what a cute piece of "mask" fabric. I really hope you don't have to make anymore masks -- but that is not realistic. So enjoy the fun ones you can make from the fabric. Your Black Eyed Susans are gorgeous.

  9. Such pretty flowers! We haven’t had nearly enough rain ! I haven’t seen that mask panel! I still have some left over from early 2020! It will be fun to see all your Hole in the Barn Door blocks together!

  10. Oh le joli espace dehors pour coudre ! Tu es bien installée. Bonne couture !!

  11. I've never seen or heard of a mask panel. how very clever and it makes cute masks.
    Your flowers are so pretty! I think the purple is either bachelor button or an aster. Not sure.
    Orange will be a fun color to work with. Hope you get to enjoy outdoor sewing!


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