Saturday, 25 September 2021

Lots of Sewing For a Small Progress

I did it again. I sewed, sewed, and sewed with barely something to show. I feel like the second hand running ever so fast round and round on the clock's face only to get the hour hand to move just one step. My week's of sewing has produced very little progress. 

The newest blocks: 
Lime Green block 

Yellow Gold block 

Rust block and last week Aqua block

Sorry for the clothespins but it's a windy, sunny, exquisite Fall day today, blowing my blocks all over the place. Just. Love. Days like these! 

I got to the bottom of one (1) bag of tiny little bits of fabric so far. Not much of a dent as the bag was small but one less bag is still progress though. 

Not the final layout. 

Unfortunately, I am at the end of the white fabric roll. It was from my mother's stash, measuring 5" X ?? 25 feet? I really don't know but it was really long and I'm at the end of it. It's a sturdy cotton, almost linen quality. I hope I can find another white fabric suitable from her stash. 

I have a hot pink block almost finished so maybe it will be a 4X4 layout instead of a 4X5 if I don't find a replacement. The cornerstones are from the same fabric too. The sashing makes me so happy. I just love it. 

Cynthia, at Quilting is More Fun than Housework, let a squirrel into my house and it crushed my sewing time. 

Wait for it. 

Aren't they cute? They are facial tissue covers. They will be gifted to my coworkers on Monday when I get back to work. (One week's vacation is never long enough.) They are so easy and quick to whip up. The pattern is from Two Brown Birds and you can find the tutorial here. Remember, they are addictive! 

I added a little loop of tape to attach them to a diaper bag or a key chain. Many of the girls at work told me they love purple, pink, and blue. So I try to stay within those colours. I have 7 or 8 more cut and ready by the sewing machine. 

My bag will be full soon. Whatever the girls don't take will be sold (if and when we can have craft shows again) or given as gifts to the ladies at the Artisans' Club. Looking forward to seeing them again. 

I got a little bag of the tiniest triangles yet. They barely go beyond the one-inch mark. Substract the amount of fabric needed for seams and you are left with nothing. I have to tell the girls my fingers need pieces a little bigger than that. Haha. They were great at starting the bonfire last night though. 



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  1. I love the pieced sashing you are making for those blocks, such a great idea and would certainly help to use up some of those small pieces laying around. Such a lovely idea to make those small gifts for your workmates, they will be much appreciated, I'm sure.

  2. There is a heap of work in those blocks and joining all the scraps so I can imagine how much sewing was required... they are looking so good. How lovely to make all those tissue bags for your work mates.... great booster

  3. I imagine your pieced sashing is time consuming, but it is so fun, Chantal! The tissue covers are just great - your coworkers will love them?

  4. + 2 pretty blocks. Hope you found fabric enough to make this happy quilt. Your coworkers will love the tissue covers. Have fun with the tiny triangles.

  5. Hope you can find a suitable supplement for the white fabric in your barn door blocks. And cute little tissue holders. Someone in our quilt group made them two years ago and passed them out to the group. I'm glad you weren't tempted to make HST with those tiny triangles, although I'm sure there are quilters who would try.

  6. Il va être trop sympa ton quilt avec ces blocs là... j'adore !!

  7. I love those blocks. We made blocks like that for the Missouri TOGA raffle quilt. Cute tissue holders, too. Sorry you have to go back to work. Vacation is more fun (but doesn't pay the bills). Take one of those blocks to a quilt store that sells Kona cotton and see if they have a swatch sample card for you to match it to the correct white (there are several different shades of white that they make).

  8. Ha! I do what I can to lure others down my rabbit holes :)

    I love those scrappy blocks. Thanks for sharing with oh Scrap!

  9. Jumping ahead with that Lime GREEN block aren't you, Chantal?! :P

  10. I am so in love with your scrappy sashing too! The tissue holders will make very nice gifts

  11. Those squirrels are lurking EVERYwhere! And they're darn cute, too!

  12. It looks like you got a lot of sewing accomplished to me! I love those scrappy blocks, especially the lime green. Using small scraps can be very time consuming. Those teeny, tiny triangles are too small. These days I have so many that I only keep them is they will be at least 1 inch finished. I love those little tissue holders. I have sewn them in the past as gifts. Usually I would buy them at craft fairs. Thank you for linking up and adding to my quilty smiles ... :) Pat

  13. Ca en fait, des petits bouts ! J'aime beaucoup tes blocs, et ils rendent tous bien ensemble. Sympa ces petites pochettes à mouchoirs, belle idée ! Je vais aller voir...


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