Saturday, 11 September 2021

Orange Fall

WARNING - RANTING: (you may skip to the post below if you wish) 
Blogger deleted my email address AGAIN from the settings so I did not receive your comments from the last post in my inbox. I'm really fed up with this childish war they have with other Internet providers. Because we are using another internet platform, Blogger (Google) cut us off. Like F* you! This was a free country last time I looked and I can shop and use whatever provider I wish. Can you imagine a grocery store telling you: "you can't shop here anymore because I saw you go into the other grocery store last week." Like F* you! Seriously! I sent Blogger a "nice" letter with a little piece of my mind on all this stupid, ugly war of theirs. I mean, what's the point in having options if I can't use them? No other company makes it SO HARD for their clients to use their products. I asked them to contact me directly at my GMAIL account which is by GOOGLE too!!  (Deep breath in.)
P.S. Anyone who wishes to write to Blogger can do so by clicking the question mark on the top right of the screen. 
P.P.S. I did read your comments and I will reply shortly. Thank you for your patience. :^)

Sorry about that. Now, on to more pleasant things. 😊

Fall is coming our way and I have orange to play with. Two of my favourite things. 😁

Three orange tulips were made ... 

... right after the purple ones actually, as I couldn't wait any longer to see the quilt come together and to play with orange. I also thought that it was the only missing colour in my quilt. When I set the blocks together I realized the quilt would be too small hence the addition of the aqua blocks. 

This is a rough layout of what I want. I love this kind of layout and only see it in vintage quilts. Why don't we use it anymore? Or very rarely. Too bad because I like it when it is used with the right type of blocks. 

So now I am missing a block. Since I only have two pinks, one more will be assembled. Then every colour will have the same number of blocks. Hopefully, I can find what I need in my (limited) pink stash. 🤞 

Or maybe I could make a multi-coloured one. Oh! Wouldn't that be nice? 

My personal UFO Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Hole in the Barn Door. All the blocks are done back in 2017. (I know it the last post I said 2016 but it's wrong.) 

I want to add a sashing "à la Bonnie". (Bonnie K. Hunter) What do you think? 

It's gonna take a while to finish this but hey, it's not a race. The cornerstones will be white. If this doesn't diminish my scraps, nothing will. Haha. 

Just because he's the best-looking cat in all the county, here's another picture of Raven. 

Have a great week everyone. 


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  1. Love, love, LOVE those tiny ORANGE Churn Dash blocks and your scrappy Tulips, too!! Scrappy sashing will surely use up a good chunk of you massive scrap pile, Chantal. Good call for your Hole in the Barn Door quilt top!

  2. I like your holes in the barn doors, Chantal, and I think the sashing is excellent. Go for it! (I hope you're making strip sets and cutting them up, as far as you can, to speed it up!)

  3. That Raven is a good-looking guy! Your tulips are wonderful, Chantal - I love seeing them all together. Blogger/Google do seem to like to mess with us, don't they? I completely understand your rant!

  4. Ca fait du bien de dire les choses, la couture est plus sereine après ! Tes blocs tulipes sont magnifiques tous ensemble, et c'est vrai que cette façon de les agencer les met bien en valeur.
    Bonne idée, la bordure "à la Bonnie" !
    Caresse à Raven ;)

  5. Lovely sewing... the email is an easy fix - I wrote a blog post a little while ago ... deep breaths....

  6. Your tulip quilt is looking amazing!

  7. I like your tulips all laid out! It’s going to be spectacular! Yes, yes! Do the “ Bonnie” sashing! It’s awesome!

  8. I am really liking your scrappy Hole in the Barn Door blocks and a scrappy sashing is perfect for it.

  9. Coucou Chantal !! De temps en temps, il faut dire les choses comme elles sont !! LOL !
    J'adore la couleur orange alors j'aime tes blocs !!
    Raven est de plus en plus beau ! Fais lui un gros bisou de ma part !

  10. I think the scrappy string sashing is PERFECT! Raven looks to be a BIG handsome fellow. Love his eyes.

  11. I love how you are setting your beautiful tulip blocks. Only one more block to go! The string segments in your churn dash blocks are terrific, and the string sashing makes it even better! Is it okay if I steal this idea?

  12. That is a great tulip block - I haven't seen it before. And you are almost finished...I like your block layout too.

  13. What a regal cutie your Raven is!
    Love your Bonnie sashing! Go for it!


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