Saturday, 25 June 2022

Some Blues and Some Don't

I got a few blocks completed this week but not all my RSC2022 projects got some attention.

Let's see what was done.

9-Patch blocks were sewn as leader-enders. I love the second and the fourth ones. Polka-dots always add a fun touch, don't you think? 

I did two bright blue Jericho Wall blocks as promised last week. Polka-dots again, haha. 

A bright blue Scrap Jar Star. Oh my! I got polka-dots in this one too. It must have been a fun week. 

I have a lot more blue scraps to sew but that's all that got done for now. 

Raven decided that my blue scrap basket was a good place for a nap. He probably thought that since I've been rummaging into it this week, it must be a comfy, fluffy spot. I had to turn the flash on as he just disappeared into the dark corner of the cabinet in the first picture. He doesn't look very happy to be woken up by the flash. Silly cat. 

It's the last Saturday of the month but not the last day of the month. I still have a few days to finish some more blocks because some RSC projects didn't get their fair share of blues...

... like Star Bloom who only got one block done at the beginning of the month. At least two more are needed, three would be better. 

The placemat is still the same as last week. None of the crumb blocks are completed. Hopefully, these can get finished too. 

On Sunday, I'm going out with the girls from the office for a wine tasting. Next week, I might post some pictures ... if I behave well, hahahahaha. 



Angela at So Scrappy
Frédérique at Patchwork and Quilts 
Cynthia for Oh Scrap! on Sunday


loulee said...

Lots of lovely blue blocks. Cats sure know a good spot when they see it.

Fiona said...

Great blue blocks... I need to get mine out and do a couple of fish. Enjoy the wine tasting...

The Joyful Quilter said...

Fun BLUE blocks, Chantal!! Enjoy today's wine tasting event! said...

What fun blue blocks. I too am a fan of polka dots. . .they just speak "happy" to me! Have fun wine tasting!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I like your blue blocks with polka dots, too! Hope you're having a fun Sunday with wine-tasting!

Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Women who behave rarely make history! (A favorite quote of mine.) Hope you have a fun time. Thanks for linking your lovely blocks up with Oh Scrap!

gayle said...

Raven does look a tad grumpy, but I'm sure I would be too in the same circumstances!
Love all your blues - especially the dots!

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

So many fun RSC blocks going on in your studio!!! Love all the bright blues! I'm looking forward to your purples!

Sandy Panagos said...

Your Star Bloom blocks are beautiful. (All your projects are!) It was hard to picture how they would come together. It's going to be such a pretty quilt.

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