Saturday, 2 July 2022

Sewing Scraps Today ...

There are still so many blues to sew. The crumb blocks might use a little bit of this but you know it will not deplete the stash.  

I added 4 blue Star Bloom blocks to the one already made. I really love how they play together.

I have a long way to go to get a quilt out of these. They are only 8" at the moment. 

Little 3.5" 9-Patch to go with the Stars. 

The placemat is completed. 

For the back, I used another leftover bit that needed one seam to be big enough for the placemat. I trimmed it before I was done sewing it so I could use a strip of it on the front. Love those daisies. 

The binding is waiting for the next sewing session. I know what you are thinking. I did way too much binding for such a small project. I keep using the same fabric for all the placemats I made for years. Whenever I use it, I add to it so it is always ready for the next project. 

The binding is made with these pieces I received a long time ago. They are cut at almost 16 X 9 ish and lots of fraying occurred. It's made with a good thick thread but loosely weaved. Good enough for a double folded binding.  I still have enough for another dozen of placemats and more. Yeah! 

My personal Rainbow UFO Challenge got zero attention. For blue, I had called a flannel quilt that needs borders. I didn't feel like getting all the flannel fabrics out just for that. On the other hand, I got tagged with another kind of project on which I did work a little. 

I jotted down a few ideas and did a few sketches, something to get my hand back into the swing of drawing what my eyes see. More practice is needed. 

I went on a wine and cheese tasting with the girls and it was such a wonderful day. I wish we could do this every other week. We stayed way past the allowed time but since there weren't a lot of people, the owner didn't mind at all. 
We will have to do this again as 4 girls couldn't make it this time.

Michèle knows how to fix little bits of cheese. Yummy! I just spread that cheese onto crackers and call it good enough, lol. 

Don't look at the hair-dos as it was pretty windy. It calmed down after an hour or so. This is my bestie, Christiane, on the right. We are both team assistants. We get along so well you would think we were friends all our lives. 

That's all I have for now. Let's purple on! 

Take care. 


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Cynthia for Oh Scrap! 


loulee said...

Well at least you managed to use some scraps. Your placemat is lovely and the tops will be too,once you add to them.

Quilting Babcia said...

Those star bloom blocks are so interesting the way they go together, like jigsaw puzzle pieces. I hope you have the opportunity to go to more wine and cheese tastings with your friends, it's such a perfect summer activity. P.s., your bird sketch is wonderful, it's a talent I'd love to have been blessed with, but am happy to admire in other's work.

Ivani said...

All your Star Bloom blocks look great together Chantal. And I love your placemat.

gayle said...

Those Star Bloom blocks are just amazing! Seeing them individually is kind of puzzling, but when you combine them they're just full of WOW!

Jenny said...

Certainly a busy time, sewing and socializing both!

Lin said...

Your stars are looking so good all together and the placemat is lovely - the backing fabric certainly is gorgeous. Great drawings and you cant beat cheese and wine, looks like great fun. xx

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Your star blocks are beautiful! Well, honestly, all your blocks are beautiful! And your pile of scraps are even cute! Love seeing all this fiber goodness!

Sara said...

The wine and cheese outing does sound like a great way to spend a day with girlfriends. Good for you! You are making good progress with the scraps - but my theory is that no matter how much I sew, the scrap piles just never seem to shrink.

MissPat said...

The Star Bloom blocks make a wonderful design. How nice to have an outing with good friends, wine and cheese and decent weather.
Pat said...

What a special outing with friends. I like all your blues. . .crumbs and all!

Joy said...

I just recently found you. You do beautiful work. I really like the Star Bloom and like others I wondered if there is a pattern for it. A very pretty scrap buster. Something I could really use. Thanks, Joyce

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