My quilts 2003 - 2019

I would like to show you the quilts I have made.  As I take pictures of my older quilts and as I finish new ones, I will update this page. Hope you find your visit pleasant and maybe find inspiration too.  You may link to this page as much as you like but please ask before copying my pictures. Thanks. :^) 

Click on the quilt's name to see a post about it. 

Les paniers de Cécile. Made in 2018, machine pieced, quilted in 2020. This was a sew-along with Cécile in France. Love my little crumb baskets. 

Field of Poppies (a.k.a. Good Fortune) is a mystery quilt hosted by Bonnie K. Hunter in November 2018. Quilted in 2022. I changed the colors a bit to make it look like poppies. 

Where I come from #2 (crumb quilt #2) for son #2. All flannel, machine pieced and quilted. 2019

I Spy Quilt #1: Searching through the Stars: Finished in 2018, bind in 2019. :^D 
54 X 54 made with cotton and flannel novelty fabric. Design by Sarah Craig (Confessions of a Fabric Addict). It has a flannel backing. Machine pieced and quilted. 

Secret Santa Mystery Quilt by Temecula Quilts. It was a twin size quilt but I made only four blocks. Not yet quilted. Made in 2018. Machine pieced.

Smile! (the M & M Gang quilt)  : finished in 2018, not yet quilted. Machine pieced.
My Quilting Friends - Log cabin blocks machine pieced and machine quilted. Inspired as a QAL by Béa and Cécile, it is made with fabrics given to me by my sewing friends around the globe. 2017

Chevron Baby quilt: - 2016 - Cotton on top and flannel for the backing. Machine pieced and quilted. 

Hidden Gems - Rainbow Scrap Challenge of 2015/2016 - Machine pieced, machine quilted. Click on name to see the finished quilt.

Kitchen Party: made with a block seen on the Internet called Mulligan. Machine pieced and quilted. 

Cascadia - 2015 - (23.5 X 22) Machine pieced, hand quilted. QAL hosted by Lori from Humble Quilts.

Shakespeare In the Park (designed by Judy Martin)  2015 - not yet quilted.

Take 21 - 2014/2015 - Machine pieced : hand quilted.

Antique Inspiration - 2014 - (30 X 18) Machine pieced: hand quilted.

Where I come from (crumb quilt #1) - 2014 - Machine pieced and quilted.  All flannel.

Blooming Stars - 2014- (85 X 102) For my Mother and Father in-law. Machine pieced and professionally quilted by Karine Chapleau.

Rag Jeans Quilt - 2014 - Machine Pieced : not quilted. Edges are button stitched with red embroidery thread. It ended up as a rug in the playroom.

Specks of Colours - 2014 - Machine pieced (1 inch squares) : (my first) machine quilted.  Donation.

Ohio Star Shadow: Made from a quilt book. I love this one. It took me a very long time to finish it. Started in 2004/2005 and got this one point in 2014. Still not quilted but it will be done by hand.

Far Away - 2011 / 2015 - Machine pieced, hand quilted. Flannel.

Almost Chief -  2007 - Machine pieced : hand quilted. (40.5 X 28.5)

L'Orange Noire (The Black Orange) - 2007 - (44 X 33) Machine pieced: hand quilted.

Fun Pics - 2006 - Machine pieced : hand quilted

Finding Nemo - 2005/2006 Machine pieced : hand quilted.  (60 X 77)

Squared E - 2004 - Machine pieced : hand quilted.  (72 X 57).

The 12 Pinwheels - 2003 - Machine pieced : hand quilted. (44 X 37)  My very first quilt. Mostly made with old men shirts.