Sunday, 27 April 2014

an old UFO has resurfaced ... to stay

Last Monday was Easter Monday and I had the day off.  It was a dull, overcast Monday with a little bit of rain. My car was at the garage for a pedicure (new brakes) so, I was stuck at home ... which I don't mind.  So I started to look into bins were put away in the anticipation of moving, bins that contain all kind of things, photos, fabrics, etc.  Not looking for a new project, ... just looking, ... reminiscing, you know?  I came across some old stars I had put together a while back. Back when I had the other sewing machine, the very cheap one that stitched up frustration faster than blocks!!! :(   Anyway, beside remembering that I also revisited a lot of old fabric and I decided to do something with these stars.  Some needed to be re-stitched and some were eliminated from the game on the first round.

This used to be a very ugly shirt bought at a
second hand store ... ages ago.  The grey fabric has tiny little stars in the lighter grey section.  It was a favorite of mine back then. I kept that one.
I numbered all the blocks and repositionned them  many, many times.
Of course, some new ones were called in to play along.

Some Ohio Stars are split between the light side and the dark side.

And some are even worst ... to sew.

This one needed an alignment .. but was a keeper.

Did a lot of shifting ... and kneeling ... and standing ... and kneeling ... and shifting... well we all know that dance, right ?!!  I found the book where this beautiful quilt originated and nested between the pages were my own schemes.  So I continued to fill in the blanks on paper too.

Any ideas what I am doing with the Ohio Star's blocks?

Today, I am assembling all the rows together.  Sometimes this week, I will reveal a flimsy quilt. Stay tuned.

Until then ...  SM ;^) LE ... because you just can't wear it out !


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  1. Your stars look so effective with all the different shades...


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