Saturday, 12 April 2014

New BFF indeed

... and BFF in need!!!

I am so thrilled!  I am tickled pink!! I am in love ♥... with a new BFF♥.  Sadly, she is a BFF in need.
I was lucky enough to catch an add for an estate sale.  Needless to say, I was there early this morning.  It sure took me a while to find the house but, once there, I was not disappointed.  It was so full of stuff and beautiful stuff I might add. It was a good thing they weren't set up for debit cards otherwise I would had been in a pretty ugly situation. LOL. Anyway, in the jungle of stuff in the basement, I spotted this little box.

Of course, I made a bee line and had to open it right away. I had goose bump! and  oh yes,  

it is as beautiful as I expected it to be.  It does need a good clean-up and some new parts too but regardless, I'm in love. ♥♥♥  Unfortunately, I can't try it now because the wires are in a dangerous state. 

On this picture, you can see the glue from the tape the previous owner had on the bed to sew a straight 1/4 inch.  I have some Internet searching to do for parts and instruction manual for cares. I don't know much about such machines but I know I love them.  My adoptive mother had a beautiful blue Singer machine from the 50's, if I remember correctly.  It worked like a charm.  But when she passed away, in the 90's, the will she wrote was material for fighting between the siblings and I didn't have a saying in it.  So I don't know where the machine went.  So sad!  Anyway, now I have my very own ... well ... actually ...  I have two!

YES ! Two BFF for a sweet little price.  This is my second BFF.  She has her own table/cabinet and she too is in need of serious TLC and some parts.  I can't play with this one either... for now anyway.

It is older than the first one.  It's missing the bobbin cover plate.  I think I might switch them around.  I think BFF1 is in better shape than BFF2.  Maybe  BFF2 will become the spare parts of BFF1  or maybe they are not compatible !!? There is, after all, 12 years between these two.  Believe it or not, there was yet another one at the sale but I left it there. :-(  It was in even worst shape.   Then when I paid for it all, the lady told me there was a threadle machine that they sold yesterday!  Why do people think it is nice to let others know they have miss out on a deal ?!  I seriously don't get it!  I just shook my head and smiled at my two new friends. 

Now, sitting at home, I look at them and I am beside myself.  What got over me?  My house is for sale, and I am buying more furniture to move !!?  I am buying restoration projects when, chances are I will move into a house that needs some painting if not restoration too. What's wrong with me??  I seriously didn't think this through. 

Whatever!! I just LOVE my twins ♥♥♥.
Until next time ...  SM :^) LE .... and meet someone new ♪♪ ♫ !



  1. Oh but they are beautiful!!

  2. It was a rescue mission! You HAD to do it! lol They are lovely.....and when you get them working, they will be treasures!! Yay!

  3. I love your treasures! I would have done the same as you :-)


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