Sunday, 6 April 2014

Hexies to the rescue

Oh what a morning this is!! Thank goodness for the Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's blog, it will surely bring my heartbeat rate down to a more normal pace.
My morning started like many other Sunday mornings.  Coffee in hand, I sneak downstairs to the computer and enjoy some blog hopping.  I even got the chance to post some squeechy mail news this morning. Went back upstairs for a second cup of java and to start the laundry machine, getting the winter bedsheets off and putting on some light cotton sheets on every bed, and so on.  It is such a beautiful day, very bright and windy.

Citrus line on the clothline
Then my DS#1 got a funny text from his friend saying "goodbye house" and then we hear the fire trucks.  OMG!!! No way, it can't be.  Well, it was!  It took a long time before we were able to find out that the fire had started outside on the deck of the house and did most of the damage outside and in the kitchen. Because of the wind, the smoke got inside and everywhere, but they were able to keep most of the flames outside.  What a mess. Everyone is ok which is always the most important thing.  Of course, everyone is also very shaken by all this.
Now the firetrucks are gone, and the insurance people are being called ... and well, that's all.  Fixing it time has started.  I am so happy it was contained to that and did not get to the entire house.  I feel for them of course, so my mojo is kind of flatten out.  I don't feel like doing much beside enjoying my deck and the sun bleaching it.  Later, I will cook a big batch of spaghetti sauce and invite my friends over for diner because their kitchen is closed for the moment. ={

Yesterday I went shopping and did some more auditionning at the store and have hired this one for the hexies. (Also hired some citrus one for ... uuuuuhhhh I'm sure I'll find something eventually LOL!) 
I will mark, cut and baste some hexies and relax with a French Vanilla coffee, listening to the birds singing, sitting on my deck.  Maybe not for long, but for a little while I will join all of you and enjoy some slow stitching.   
I am adding row 19 to this "black pinwheels on cream" row. 

May you too find a quiet time to put a few stitches together.

Until next time ... SM ;^)LE ... it could always be worst.  


  1. I really like how you are putting your hexie's together. So sorry about your friends house... but so glad everyone is ok.

  2. What a scary time that must have been for your friends ... but thankfully everyone is ok (that really is what matters). I can't wait for it to get warm enough for me to sit out on our deck sewing hexies!

  3. Oooh - love that citrus on the clothesline. I went shopping for some of that recently but I think yours are better :)


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