Thursday, 3 April 2014


"For the GRAND production ...                  featuring the EVER POPULAR

H E X I E S ...

the auditions will begin immediately.  Please step forward when you hear your name ... "

So many will try ...

A few will be selected ...

 ... only to be rejected later on ...

Oh boy ... I still don't know what I want and it's getting late ... Well, I do know that I want that green to be the next dark row but it's the light row between that stumps me...  Hmmm  ...  I'm happy with nothing I see. Maybe I should wait for the weekend and look at these during daylight. 
Hmmm....  May be I should go shopping ...
NOW that's a GREEEEAAAT idea ...

Ok! Listen up. Auditions are over!  It's a wrap! 

Oh don't be cry babies ... you were ugly together anyway !!

Do you like to audition your fabric?  Is it a chore ? I usually like it but I guess, tonight, I was just not in the mood.
How do you do it ?  I mean, do you do it all while at the LQS, picking all your fabric in one visit? or like me, do you do it step by step? or what ?   What is your favorite method?  (I'm being nosey , I know!)

Until next time   ...   SM :^)LE ... you're on camera!! (or you might be)


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