Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ding dong! It's the postman!

Two weeks ago, Randy from Barrister's block had the HUGE, BORING task of cleaning up her sewing room.  I think we are all on the same level on this one; " yuck! ".  Randy was looking for helpers in the form of tips on how to organize things and how do others organize their magazines and fabrics and so on ...  Sew, I offered my two pennies worth of an idea. Then I got an email, saying that I WON !!!  Randy had picked two people to send them thank you gift for their comment and I was one of them.

And look what I got!!! WOW !!
SNOWday ... SEWday from Amy Bradley Designs ... Ooooohhhh! Lucky me! I love snowman ... I LOVE snowman!! (ok, ok, I know that everyone is soooooooo fed up of the sn*w, to the point where it is now a bad 4 letter word!)  Therefore, I won't say it again but you WILL see this quilt on this blog again... Ooooohhh yes!  It is my first Amy Bradley Designs pattern and it looks so easy to follow.  I have to really control myself not to start this one NOW!!!

To explain what I said on Randy's blog, this is a cereal box cut up and gift wrapped. I made this one really quick this morning and it is not very nice looking but it shows what I meant.  My nice ones are packed in boxes somewhere.  It works better with family size cereal boxes but this was the only one in the recycling bin this morning. (I mean "made REALLY quickly this morning" LOL.)
Thank you soooo much Randy.  You're soooo sweet ♥♥♥

Until next time, don't forget to ...   SM ;^)LE  ...  ♫ 'Tis the season ♫ to be freezin ♪ Fa la la la ...     


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