Saturday, 31 May 2014

End of May

Not so long ago, we were stuck in snow knee deep. Remember that?  What a difference with today: sunny and 21 Celsius!  I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend with my boys.  We will do a few hours of volunteer work and then ... we'll see.  But one thing is for sure we will be OUTSIDE!!!  No open house this weekend so more together time for us! YEAH!

During the month of May, I have enjoyed following and reading  Marcia's "May for Me" and all the wonderful people who have posted on the Linky party.  I will continue to follow Marcia, (love her work) and a few more blogs I have discovered because of this link.  So thank you so much Marcia for the idea and taking the time to organize the link.

Today, I will join the link (again) but with something that has nothing to do with quilts.  It has everything to do with me!  I love to look at other people's garden; flower gardens, veggies gardens, herbs gardens, whatever. I admire their gardens because I can't keep up with one.  It always ends up being covered in weeds because I have a bad back  and has been so for the last 35 years.  Anyway! I found on the Net a project that I fell in love with and that I can take care of.  All by myself!  I wanted one! I wanted one real bad and I had the perfect place for it too.  So, last Sunday morning, hubby and I got to the store and bought everything we needed.  Came home, made it, watered it, loved it.

walking up the pathway

A little flower post! Hmmm! ♥♥♥ Love it! ♥♥♥  I bought a hanging basket just to get some already blooming and hanging flowers. Of course, it will get fuller as the summer slowly warms up.

This picture was taken right after setting it up.  As you can see, some plants didn't like the transfer but I'm positive they will come back full and strong soon. (in the second pot from the top)  The front of the house faces north so it will get some sunlight in late afternoon and evening. In the morning, it makes a pretty dark picture, sorry.

from the top of the steps

It is just a little thing, took about 30 minutes to put together and yet it adds such a punch to the house's look. I am very happy with my first try and, yes, I will do this again ... every year!
On this last day of May, I link up to Marcia's May for Me.

Tomorrow I will have some quilt stuff to show you. Hope to see you then for a Slow Sunday Stitching.

Until then ... SMILE  ... and ☼ light up ☼ the place.


  1. I just love this. I think I pinned a photo of something like this on Pinterest. The flowers you chose are gorgeous!

  2. I love this ... I think I need to make one for our deck!


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