Sunday, 11 May 2014

I did too!

Yes, I did too...

So many things are happening at once lately that I am left with little sewing time.  But today, I did it!! 

 I did some ...


BUT .... I did NOT work on my hexy quilt !  No, not today.

 I have traced and cut some hexies but it was too windy today to work on something so light ... and it was too nice not to be outside.  So I needed another project that I could work on while sitting on the deck, enjoying a glass of wine and sunshine.  Of course, earlier this morning, I've read Kathy's blog (part of my morning ritual, you know) and when I saw what she was working on, it was too much! It was just TOO MUCH!  Julie's been tempting me for awhile with her project and now Kathy!  That's more temptation then this girl can handle. I wanted to finished a few things before pulling it out but .... too bad,  I got it out ... and it is so nice to see it again.  

I've completed 24 blocks so far. I don't work on it during the winter months. It is a summer project: easy to carry, fold-able and very enjoyable.  

I had fun making a few more blocks today.  They are all hand pieced.  It is very slow stitching but where is the rush? I will get it done some day. (It will be a small quilt! )  I try to make very small stitches. By the time I have completed a hundred of these, my stitches will be Grandma Approved stitches.  LOL  My grandma told me that her grandma never did knots when she sew.  She started half an inch from the edge, sew to the edge, turned and sew to the other edge.  So I am trying that method. 

It's a needle family get-together at every curve! 

This beauty, found on the net a long time ago (sorry, don't know from where anymore) was / is my inspiration.  The block is call Rose Dream.  The biggest difference between the two is the size of the blocks : my blocks are 5.5 inches.

Two more done.  yeah! Honestly, I think Julie and Kathy have a better method.  Hmmmm! Should I switch? 

If you like this block and want to see more, take a few minutes and check out what Julie is up to!  And here's the link to see Kathy's, Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.

Until next time .... SM ;^) LE .... because you deserve one too! 


  1. LOVE! Love your gorgeous, HAND PIECED blocks! You are an amazing quilter!

  2. Wow! Love the blue and white. Great job. Hand piecing is so much fun! I like the portability of hand piecing blocks.

  3. Love your blocks! This looks like a great handpiecing project. Glad you had a chance to enjoy the day and some stitching as well!

  4. Love love love these blocks!! Enjoy! Thanks for linking up!

  5. Beautiful blocks! I love hand piecing, and yours is wonderful.

  6. I made a small quilt with this block using the same method as you! And all blue and white too though my blues were different prints. Keep going!


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