Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Yesterday, I wanted to ...

post about my Design Wall Monday like so many do. I prepared my post and then found out I had no Internet access all day. Aaaarrgh!  So, I am posting it tonight and I hope you don't mind reading about "old" news!  :)
Here is the belated post.  Enjoy!

Design Wall Monday:

Because this is a long weekend in Canada, I get to play some more in my sewing room!  YEAH!

A while back, I showed you a picture of fabric and said it was for my first DS.  The quilt is called Take 21 and it is on my design floor today.

16 blocks done! Some 64 blocks to go ... I think. My son has three quilts already, (one was shown here) and they are still in good condition but still, I want to make him a new quilt for his birthday!  You do need a new quilt on your 21st birthday right? Of course!

So I showed him a few pictures of quilts that I took  borrowed from the net and blogs I love to follow. I chose quilts with a modern feel to them and nothing girlish, of course!  The answer was almost always the same; "hmm not bad."  But when I got to the picture of the Rising Sun on Krista's blog, he stopped me and said "that's the one I want.  But no yellow please."   So I asked which colour then?  "Black!"  Black? I said and he's like "yes, black!  It will look nice with black ... but no yellow"   So here it is, a black heart block!  I have to admit he's right; I like it in black too. (and in yellow!)  I had to change the third colour too. I used a very aggressive lime (it's not yellow!) colour fabric which he likes. Yeah! Brownies points for me to get it right on the first try!!!

Until next time ... SM ;^) LE ... little ones are looking up to you.

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  1. This is a great quilt! I can see why he will love it. Besides the colors, it has great visual appeal.


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