Sunday, 18 May 2014

Slow stitching time

Wow! It's Sunday again! Time sure flies when one has fun.

And this is what I call FUN !

Did some Rose Dreams blocks in Yellow!!!  They might not look very square and the reason is very simple : they aren't.

When I cut the fabric I don't pay a lot of attention to the seams if its straight or not, as long as there is enough fabric for a decent seams that's all I care for.  The most important thing is to keep those sewing lines aligned.  I'll be in trouble if they aren't.   :~o

I've prepared 8 blocks for today : 4 yellows and 4 greens.  That's all I can do until I find more white fabric. Can't remember which boxes the white fabric is in!! Oh well... it has to be in this house so I will find it ... eventually!

As I was taking pictures this morning, I wanted to get all the blocks together for a family photo and ... I can't find them.  I have misplaced them too!!   Oh my!  What is wrong with my head lately?!! Maybe they are in the same box as the white fabric!!  < :~o

Hope you enjoy some slow stitching too or the nice weather ... or both!  : D 
I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching

Until next time ...  SM ;^) LE ... it's never misplaced! 


  1. Look at those!!! Love them...have fun slow stitching!!

  2. These look fun! As to what is wrong with your head lately I believe it is a condition that we all have around this time of year, called spring fever :)

  3. Don't you just hate when things go and hide on you while you are sleeping? I swear they have legs and move around just to annoy us =). Hope you find the blocks and the white fabric happy together so you can keep working. Love how you are hand stitching all these. Very pretty.

  4. those curved seams look difficult... hope you find your fabric....

  5. Did you mark the sewing lines? Love those blocks!


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