Sunday, 18 May 2014

The twins called a friend over!

At the beginning of April, I got myself involved with twins that followed me home! (Hehehe!)

This is Céleste ...

Just divine with her little carrying case !

And this is Fleur ...

so named for the beautiful flowers pattern she has all over her.  She does need some TLC and I wish I knew where to start.

Anyway, guess what these two did!  On Saturday, (yesterday), they called a friend over to play!!

When I found the twins, I was so thrilled I told everyone about my find.  (Probably to the point of annoying some people!) But I was so ♪♫ HAPPY ♫!     Anyway!  That's when someone said she had to take care of her MIL's estate sale and there was a sewing machine for sale.  NOT ONCE has she mentioned it was an antique sewing machine.  Instead, she called it an OLDER machine.  So when I got to the house and saw HER .... I was drooling!!!

She is a beautiful thing!  Although I did have to clean her up a little bit before she could come in, I think she is just adorable!

So now, I am blaming the twins for this new friend.  If it hadn't been for them, the new one would have been lost to us.

She has been loved a long time ago ...   Of course she needs a name ... fit for a queen!  I have always loved the name Victoria but with a last name like mine, even if I had had a daughter, I wouldn't have named my child Victoria!  So, this little queen will be call Victoria.  It is also befitting because, in Canada, we celebrate "Victoria Day" on Monday!

The name plate still has it's original gold colour. She was made in 1923 so she is oldest of the trio.

And the bobbins and belt were in the drawers

....   oh! oh! I don't have a manual!! Help! I don't know how to wind these bobbins!  :~{

- But this is it, girls!  No more friends over, you hear!!!

Until next time ... SM ;^) LE ... to opportunities!



  1. How fun... I learnt to sew on a machine like that... the long bobbin winder is on the right front of the machine near the wheel.... I can't remember the details but I'm sure you would find instructions on line.... good luck and what fun

  2. They are just beautiful Chantal! And the small one is a Singer 99k now that I have seen a better picture of it. It is knee operated like mine. If you check the numbers on the little plaque near the bobbin winder and then look here: you will be able to date it quite accurately.
    Enjoy them - they are gorgeous!


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