Monday 10 November 2014

Design Wall Monday ...

... and I DO have one! A real Design Wall and not just a Design Floor. Yeah! Thanks to DH and a white bed sheet.

Some of these blocks were photographed with my son's iphone on a previous post and didn't make very good pics, so let's start anew.

With this one.
It is called Attic Window and I picked it up from the Quilter's cache site a long time ago. As you can see, I have to re-size the trapezoid pieces and also change one of the beige. I am not in love with this low contrast.  It is a flannel quilt that will have to wait a little longer to get done.

These were also photographed (badly) with the phone and some were added since then.

I got the block from Sue Garman's blog last year. (You have to scroll almost to the bottom of the page to see the quilt.)  I think it is soooo lovely.  Anyone knows the name of this block?  I keep calling it Sue Garman' antique block. Not sure she would appreciate that?!! Sorry Sue.

I started to put some 1.5 inch squares together to make some 9 patch blocks.
Yes, I do have a plan for these.  :c)

I also gave the string blocks a trial run. I like do these too.  (There's a story behind these which I will tell in another post.)
After making two, I realize that I don't have a lot of long strings. I'll have to remedy that. The star block is called Canada Star. I had no idea Canada had a star. I've learned it on Civic War Quilts blog a while back, so I made one  and ... well, not sure ... yet!

I started to play with this block (which actually was the first one of the lot) and I have abandoned it for Sue Garman's antique blocks. They are much more fun to do.   :c)
It's a Jewel Box block which I have been saving remnants of fabric for because it's been on my to-do list since the beginning of my affair with quilts. Unfortunately, another quilt took the lead. Isn't it always the case?

I am also boning shirts and I have learned something on Pinterest. You can make little pockets/bags with the cuffs of men's shirts to store little treasures, jewelry, medications.
It keeps my USB keys together and so much easier to find when I look for it. It is sooo simple to do. Have to make more of these. Love it.

And then Lori from Humble Quilts surprised us with a Cascadia  quiltalong MYSTERY doll quilt! Who can resist?  I caved!  :^D  Here is part 1.

Onto another note;

** The sewing room re-organizing is not completed but it is SOOOO much better. The shelves screwed to the walls were removed to de-clutter the house when we first put it up for sale. Since then, my stash was stuffed into bins. It is such a chore to pick fabric from bins. This weekend, while getting the house ready for winter, I decided to remove the books from the book unit and put THEM in the bins. I finally got my fabric in plain view! YES Ma'm!! It is so much easier.
Like I've said I am NOT done. I will refold these so it looks better... eventually!  Some bins will have to stay because this is all the space I have ... for the moment. DH has added another shelf at the bottom since this photo was taken.

** Didn't touch the Dresden plates blocks.

** No, the chair is not finished either.

** and I've got the flu. (Thank God for Tylenol!!) I'll be making soup (again) for diner ... maybe some pumpkin soup? Sounds good to me!

Linking to Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday.

Hope you have a better day than I do and some sewing time too.

Until next time...




julieQ said...

Your stash looks so pretty! I need to get my little stash folded up!

Lin said...

Such a lot of nice things to look at - I do like the Sue Garman block. A bloggy friend recently attended a workshop turning cuffs into needlecases and she has since made one into a little mini sketchbook. Do links work in the comment box? Have a good week oh and I love the fabrics in your bookshelf. xx

Ramona said...

What a great assortment of blocks you have to play with at this time! I am not a "one quilt at a time" kind of person, either. I need variety, depending on my mood. I'm getting ready to debone some shirts, too. Fun job!

Susan said...

Hi Chantel I think that is a very clever idea turning a shirt cuff into a pocket. I started a farmers wife quilt quite some time ago but I think i only managed to make about 10/12 blocks before putting it in a drawer and forgetting about it. Your Sue Garman block reminded me of it. X:)

Leanne said...

You have a lot of lovely projects on the go and so many lovely scraps involved too!

Nicky said...

You have a lot going on! And make me feel so much better about all of my projects. Particularly love the Sue Garman' antique blocks! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

Fiona said...

what a lovely post, such tiny 9 patch blocks and I love that upcyled cuff idea.....


Cathy said...

Oh! Lots of scraps being used here! I'm anxious to see what you do with the little 9Ps. I love those. I've made a few of those cuffs in the's fun to embellish them a little bit too.