Monday, 24 November 2014

Design Wall Monday!

Didn't do much this week, or should I say last week, so the  design wall looks the same.

Did some cutting for the 9 patch. I hang the 1.5 inch strips on this belt hanger I've got at a second hand store for a few dimes. It is handy but ...
 ... it needs some improvement like a better place to hang!

Also did some cutting for the nameless block and played the "Pairing Up Games".

Wonder if Grandma ever wasted so much time picking her fabric?
Maybe the pair to this fabric is still in the pile to be cut!

I played a little bit with little squares. Hopefully I will get this strip done in time for Part 4 of Lori's Cascadia Quit-Along Doll Quilt Mystery .

That's it! That was my week. Well did a lot of not-quilt-related things like cooking, baking, cleaning, taking pictures as son is receiving two certificates for last year best grades in math and science,

learning how to knit (not showing that yet), driving kids around, taking care of flu (darn thing doesn't want to leave!), buying winter things, because you know it's coming.
This is the scenery I had last week on my daily trip to work. (It is so beautiful though!) Lived in Canada all my life, survived Ice Storm 1998, but what happened in Buffalo on November 19th was awful. My heart went out for all those people stranded in the snow.

Hope you all have a warm week with time for a few stitches.


Linking with Patchwork Times for more design wall inspirations.


  1. It is easy to while away the hours deciding on fabrics! Congrats to your son. Winter hasn't come near us yet, it was 80 degrees and windy today.

  2. Et bien, quelle semaine !!
    Tout d'abord, toutes mes félicitations pour ton fils !! Tu dois être très fière ! :)))
    J'aime beaucoup le " cascadia" de Lori et je me suis demandée si je le faisais.....pas commencé mais je suis encore à temps !!
    Bonne continuation ! Parfois il nous faudrait 10 heures de plus par jour !

  3. I should think Grandma never had the variety we have these days to spend so much time choosing fabrics. LOL I suspect mine would gasp at the quantity of "stuff" our generation has. Now did mine actually sew? I couldn't tell you that - both of them died a long time before I was even thought of.


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